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All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

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All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episodes-Page 27

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Pick up from pg 26.

To avoid Lizzie from seeing the screen Robin distracting her by kissing her again. Lizzie was confused but she didn't care. Then Tawanna walked passed by & saw Robin kissing Lizzie so Tawanna took a magazine rolled it & bap Robin upside the head. Robin turned around to see it was Tawanna.

"Owwww" said Robin.

Robin turned around & found out it was Tawanna.


"You gotta a bug on your head." said Tawanna being sarcastic.

"What!?!?" confused Robin.

"You got the nerve to call me crazy. Have you suffer from amnesia or are you just plain stupid?" snapped Tawanna.

"What are you talking about?" asked Robin.

"I'm talking about you locking lips with Cassie's kid sister when you know good & well that you are engaged to Lulu. Plus that little girl is old enough to be your kid sister." said Tawanna going off.

"Will you calm down!!!!!!! There is a reason why I kissed Lizzie." said Robin.

"So you can get some of the young sweet candy....freak!!!!!!" said Tawanna.

"It's nothing like that!!!!!!" snapped Robin.

"You could've fool me." said Tawanna.

"Look I was kissing Lizzie so she can avoid watching this." said Robin as he turned Tawanna around to look at the screen.


"Shhhhhhhhh!!!!! Will you lower your voice!!!!!!! I don't want Lizzie to find out." said Robin as he covering Lizzie's ears.

"Find out about what Robin? What are you doing?" asked Lizzie.

"Oh My Goodness talking about getting exposed!!!!!! Damn I always knew Charles was built but damn he's packing a huge magnum for a white boy." laughed Tawanna.

"Ugggh Tawanna I don't want to hear all that." disgusted Robin,

"What are you two talking about? What's going on here?" annoyed Lizzie as she finally turned around.

Once Lizzie saw the screen cam she was horrified of what she saw.

"Oh my God that's Charles & Cassie...naked as a jaybird having.....ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!" disgusted Lizzie.

"Hey don't knocked them shorty! You'll be into doing that pretty soon." said Robin.

"Yeah but I'm not doing any of that until I'm married & I'm especially won't be doing that live!" said Lizzie.

"Well don't look at me shorty! It wasn't my intention to have them recorded having sex in my suite." said Robin.

"Then how did the video camera get in your room then?" asked Tawanna.

"Yeah what kind of a person would stoop this low to do something like this?" asked Lizzie.

"Stan!!!!!!" said Robin, Lizzie, & Tawanna all in unsion.

"That creep!" said Lizzie.

"THAT JERK!!!!!! OH HELL NO!!!!!! I'M GOING WHIPPED HIS ASS!!!!!!" snapped Tawanna as she tooked of he earrings & getting ready to fight.

"Calm down loudmouth!!!!! The Headmaster is taking cre of Stan & his boyz for bringing drugs on the ship." said Robin.

"Robin, Charles & Cassie are going to be humiliated bigtime. What are we going to do?" worried Lizzie.

"Well we are almost at shore meaning the senior prom is almost over." said Robin.

"So?" confused Tawanna.

"So there's still a chance we can stopped all of this without them finding out." said Robin.

"And how are we suppose to do that boy genious?" asked Tawanna.

"Simple you & Lizzie head back into the ballroom quietly & turned off the screen while I head to my suite to stop Chassie & retrieve the camcorder without them knowing." said Robin.

"You mean you are going to barged in on them? That's kinda' rude Robin. They are going to be pissed!" said Lizzie.

"Well shorty it's better for them to be pissed at me than to have their bare asses exposed to the world & humiliated." said Robin as head to his suite.

"Good plan (sarcasm) Come on Lizzie." said Tawanna.

As the two went into ballroom they saw the whole senior class watching the screen rooting & cheering. Lizzie couldn't believe what she was seeing & hearing.

"Oh snapped Charles is tearing that ass up!" said one classmate.

"Oooooooh he's about to go downtown on Cassie." said another classmates.

"Yo Charles save me a slice of that pie." yelled another student.

"This is so much better than watching Monster's Ball starring Halle Berry." said classmate.

Then everone was chanting Go Chassie! Go Chassie! Go Go Go Go! Go Chassie!. Lizzie was disgusted. Lizzie & Tawanna finally got to the screen to unplugged.

"Oh my God your class is gross!!!!! Are they always like this?" horrifed Lizzie.

"Worst they're animals with no home training. I can't wait to graduate from this crazy ass school." said Tawanna as she unplugged the big screen.

Once the screen shut off everyone was booing & throwing things at the screen then Tawanna got to the microphone & statrted going off one everyone.


Everyone just stood their quiet & nervous while Lizzie bust up laughing. Meanwhile Robin finally arrived to his suite. He heard Chassie bumping and banging. Robin slighty opened the door saw Chassie making love & having orgasm.

"You like that baby?" said Charles.

"OH yes I love it. hurt me Charles hurt me good!" Cassie.

"I'm think I'm going to be sick!" said Robin.

"Tell you love me beautiful." said Charles.

"I LOVE YOU CHARLES I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" screamed Cassie.

"Wow Cassie never did that with me when we were kncoking boots. Well time to put a stop to there fun." said Robin.

Just until Charles and Cassie was getting read to release huge orgasm Robin barged in unannounced.

"Hey Guys!" said Robin,

"ROBIN!!!!!!!" screamed & shocked Chassie.

"ROBIN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" shocked Charles as he was covering him Cassie up with the sheets.

"Yo Chuck there's no need to cover that up. You could've that thing up with a wash cloth." joked Robin.

"Screw you Robin!" angered Charles.

"Robin will you get out of here!" annoyed Cassie.

"I would but it's my room & I was wondering what you two are doing here?" asked Robin as he pretended to be an obnoxious jerk.

"Hello Cassie & I was trying to have some alone time together until someone here has rudely interrupted us. hint hint!" anger Charles.

"Not to worry I won't be in long I just came in find what I'm looking for." said Robin.

"What's that?" asked Cassie.

"Hummm I've promise I get Lizzie a gift for being such a my beautiful prom date...ha found it." said Robin as he spotted the camcorder & turn it off & hid it behind his back.

"Good can you please leave? We're not exactly descent." said Cassie

"I'll say oh we are heading back to shore soon & getting ready for our lst dance so I suggest you two get dress change my bed sheets & get back to the ballroom." said Robin.

FINE!" muttered Charles.

"Oh & Cassie! Not only you are beautiful person but you also have a nice beautiful sexy ass!" winked Robin.

Cassie started blushing but Charles got pissed.

"Will YOU GET OUT OF HERE!!!!" snapped Charles as he threw a pillow at Robin as walked out the door.

Cassie was giggling.

"Damn that Robin...leave it to spoil our whole moment." said disappointed Charles.

"Charles relax as soon as we get back to shore we can pick up where we left off." said Cassie as the two started making out again.

Once Robin got the hold of the camcorder, I removed the tape out of the camera & threw it into the sea.

"Whew mission accomplish." said Robin.

Meanwhile back at the Rev afterTay gave his great performace, people was cheering & applauding Tay. Everyone started to leave. When everyone left Tay helped Sage to clean up.

"Tay you don't have to help I got a staff & crew to clean up." said Sage.

"I know I like hanging out with you." said Tay.

"I like hanging out with you as well....but as a friend." said Sage.

"I know I know!" said Tay.

"Where's Nate? Didn't he came here with you?" asked Sage.

"He's out talking to his girlfriend Cyd. They both had a fight." said Tay.

"I see! You know you really have a gift. I can really help you out." said Sage.

"Really how?" asked Tay.

"Well I was thinking I can help you get your foot into the door with alot of artist by becoming your manager." said Tay.

"But Sage I already have a manager. I got Nate." said Tay.

"I know I know ut you need a record label & I can get you that. Tay don't you want to be famous?" asked Sage.

"Of course but I really need to take my time." said Tay.

"Tay you are on fire right now. Just look at the performance you just did tonight. It was an instant hit. I will help you open all types of doors. And I...I mean we can make millions." said Sage.

"I don't know Sage. I have to talk with Nate & my Dad about this." said Tay.

"Nate can still tag along if he want. With me as you manager you could be next Usher,Ne You or better yet Trey Songs." siad Sage,

" I don't know about all that. Trey is my homey!" said Tay.

"Come on Tay! If you are going to be in the music industry you have got to be competitve. If I become your manager I can change your whole outlook your whole image." said Sage.

"What's wrong with my image?" asked Tay.

"Nothing! You just squeaky clean. You need to be alittle sex appeal & bit of a badboy that's what selling nower days." said Sage.

"How do you know so much about the music industry?" asked Tay.

"Hello alot of muscians & record producers come by the shop all the time. And always looking for new talent all the time. And look at your success with Trey Songs & tonight K-Ci. You have the it factor. So how about Tay? Let me manage you." said Sage.

"I don't Sage! I don't think that's a good idea." said Tay.

Then suddenly Sage starting flirting with Tay.

"Please Tay for me. I'm also your number one fan. Plus if you make me your manager you & I will spend alot more time together." said Sage as she got closer to Tay.

Tay was getting nervous but try to play it cool.

"And here is a sneak preview of what is like to have me as a manager." said Sage as she kissed Tay.

Then Tay started kissing back. Both of them was sharing a passionate kiss.

"Whoa that was cool!" said Tay.

"So how about it?" asked Sage.

"I'll think about it Sage." said Tay.

"This is a once & a lifetime offer. Don't think too long." said Sage as she continue to kiss Tay.

The two was making out until Nate arrived to pick up Tay.

"Hello excuse me!" said Nate not beinbg impressed at what he saw.

Sage quickly pulled away & was embarrassed. Tay got that big kool-aid smile on his face. Nate was looking at Sage & he started become suspicious.

"This girl is up to something." said Nate to himself.

Meanwhile back at the ship Charles & Cassie return to the ballroom to get ready for the last dance. As they step into the ballroom everyone was cheering & applauding & chanting Chassie.

"Alright I thought I told you all tro knock that off!!!!!! Now don't make me get nasty down there." snapped Tawanna.

"Tawanna you about an hour past nasty!" joked Robin.

"Boy don't make me have to kill you front of everybody in here! I am not going to jail because you want to act stupid." said Tawanna.

Robin quickly got to the microphone & got behind Lizzie to protect himself from Tawanna.

"Ladies & Gentlemen & Tawanna!!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their prom but now it is almost over & this is the last dance so get with your love ones & make it special." said Robin. Soon the music started playing [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] & everyone started to slow dance including Chassie.

Then Robin reached out to Lizzie.

"Hey shorty may I have this dance? asked Robin

"Sure" said Lizzie.

As the two started to dance Lizzie was being heads over heals for Robin.

"OMG why am I feeling this way. I'm always felt this way about Robin. I wish I was older. Who am I kidding Robin is really into Lulu & Lulu is my best friend. Plus I'm dating Andrew. This wouldn't be right anyway. Well atleast this is close as I will ever get to Robin. I better enjoy the moment." Lizzie thought to herself.

"Meanwhile back at the hospital Lulu was resting & thinking about Robin.

"I miss Robin so much! There's got to to be way to tell him that I'm pregnant. But I haven't even told my folks about Robin. They expect me to date my own race. How am I going to tell that I am engaged & I'm having Robin's baby?" confused Lulu.

Then Lulu realize that Cassie brought her laptop to keep Lulu company. So Lulu figure she'll use it to send Robin a email message telling him that she's pregnant. And Lulu also realize that she has to confront her parents about Robin, her engagement & her pregnancy. As soon she Lulu reached her laptop the nurse walked in.

"Lights out!!!!" said the nurse.

"Just a few more minutes I want to use my laptop right quick." said Lulu.

"No i'ts getting late and you need to rest. You have plenty of time to contact your boo tomorrow." said The nurse.

"How did you know I was contacting my fiance'?" ased Lulu.

"You've been thinking about were talking in your sleep." said the nurse.

"Oh...sorry!" embarrassed Lulu.

"How come your fiance' haven't check on you at the hospital? Doesn't he care about you?" asked the nurse.

"I haven't told him about the pregnancy yet." said Lulu.

"You should." said the nurse.

"I will...I just need to find the right time to tell him." said Lulu.

"I suggest you tell him sooner. nine months can go by fast & he will eventually find out sooner or later. You are not going to stay in the same figured while you are pregnant he will eventually find out." said Lulu.

"I know I know!" annoyed Lulu.

"Where is he?" asked the nurse.

"On a date at the senior prom." said Lulu.

"Hold up? Your fiance' & the father of your child is at his prom with...A DATE? Girl are you stupid or something?" shocked Robin.

"Relax it's not even like that. He took my best friend kid sister to the prom. It's no big deal. Robin thinks of her as his own sister." said Lulu.

"You better be careful sometime stuff like that backfire. Even if it is innocent sometimes this can lead to more than friendship." said the nurse.

"Trust me it will never happened because that girl is too young." laughed Lulu.

"I hope you're right." said the nurse.

Meanwhile Chassie, Robin & Lizzie were in the limo heading back home.

"What a night!" said Robin.

"What a prom." said Cassie.

"What a strange prom. That is one prom I will never forget." said Charles.

"Neither will Lizzie." said Cassie as she, Robin, Charles saw Lizzie fell asleep on Robin's lap.

"Awww look at her she actually kinda' cute when she's not running her mouth." said Cassie.

"Yeah despite what has happened I think shorty had a good time as well." said Robin.

"Well atleast Lizzie finally got her wish to be with you." said Cassie.

"Yeah I think you & Charles had gotten your wish too." said Robin.

"Yeah and I want to thank you Robin for giving us our prom." said Cassie.

"Me too! You really are a good friend." said Charles.

"Anytime guys!" said Robin.

"You know there were a time that I actually hated your guts. Fearing that you were trying to steal Cassie away from me. I've even had nightmares about but I finally glad you have proven me wrong." said Charles.

Robin starts to feel guilty & ashame because him & Cassie had slept together. He also feels guitly that he had took advantage of Cassie & wasn't being good a friend. Even though Robin had feelings for Cassie he realize what he had did was wrong. And Cassie and Charles needed to be together.

"Robin...Robin" said Cassie.

"Umm what." said Robin snapping out of it.

"Are you okay? You seem distracted." said Cassie.

"Nah I'm cool! Say the night is still young. I think the Rev is still open if we can get there we can all go in & I will make one of my famous icecream sundae. It'l be on me." said Robin.

Suddenly Charles saw the old beach house almost finished being remodel. Charles stopped the limo.

"Thanks but Cassie & I will hang out at the beachhouse for awhile." said Charles.

"But that old beachhouse is condemned." said Robin.

I know but there is something want to show Cassie." said Charles as she gave Cassie a wrink.

"Oh yes! And Robin I think you better take Lizzie home. I don't think she will be up for icecream sundae." said Cassie.

"(Sigh) I guess you are right." said Robin.

Then Lizzie woke up quickly.

"Oh speak for yourself I want some icecream." said Lizzie.

"Spoke too soon." said Robin.

"Okay but Robin don't keep Lizzie up too late she's still need to be home before mom & dad worries." said Cassie.

"Don't worry Lizzie is in good hands with me." said Robin.

"And Cassie don't stay out all night getting your freak on like you did on the ship." said Lizzie.

"Lizzie how did you know that?" shocked Cassie.

"Oops!" said Lizzie.

"" said Robin as the Limo dropped Chassie off and drove off.

"Charles you don't think that." worried Cassie.

"Nevermind them beautiful there is something I want to show you." said Charles.

"Charles that old beachhouse gives me the creeps. Can't we be somewhere else?" asked Cassie.

"Sure but there is something I want to show you. Now come on." said Charles.

The two walked into the house.

"Charles this place is creepy." said Cassie as she reluntantly walked into the house.

"Oops let me turned on the lights then." said Charles.

As Chalres flicked the switch Cassie cou;dn't believe her eyes. As she looked the beach was being remodel. It was good as new.

"Oh my God! Am I seeing things...this place is beautiful." said Cassie.

"I felt this it was long overdue." said Charles.

"But how?" asked Cassie.

"I had my Dad to contact his people have this place fixed as our new home." said Charles.

"You mean" shocked Cassie.

"That's right once we get married me, you & the twins are all moving into this home. As you can see it still being remodel but I want this to be our first home. Take this as an early graduation present." said Charles.

"Oh Charles I love it so much." said Cassie in tears.

Come on there is something else I want to show you." The two went up stairs & saw their bedroom. The bed was covered with rose pedels with two glasses & a bottle of champagne.

"Charles something tell me you planned all of this." laughed Cassie.

"I want to make this post prom memorable. And since Robin ruined everything at the suite I hope this will make up for this." said Charles.

Cassie walked to Charles and hugged & kissed him saying she loved him Mr. Antoni. Then Cassie took off her dress in front of Charles. Then she removed her high heels and then last she took off her bra & panties.

"I Love you too future Mrs. Antoni." said Charles.

"How many times do I have to tell you it's future Mrs. Sutton Antoni." said Cassie as she unbutton Charles shirt.

Charles soon place Cassie on the bed and moments later to the two started making passionate love.

Meanwhile back in the limo Robin spotted an icecream shop is still open. Lizzie spotted it too.

"Ooh Robin lets grabbed some icecream." said Lizzie.

"Lizzie it's after midnight! Kinda' late for icecream don't you think?" laughed Robin.

"Yeah I know! But I usually have icecream before I go to sleep." said Lizzie.

"That's weird?" shocked Robin.

"Why is that weird?" asked Lizzie.

"Because I have icream before I go to bed as well." said Robin.

"Wow small world." laughed Lizzie.

"Well great minds do think alike." said Robin.

"So you think we should pick up a couple of double scoop of icecream? asked Lizzie.

"Make it triple scoop!" said Robin.

"Great" said Lizzie.

"And after that I'm taking you straight home." said Robin.

"Awww come on Robin can we stay just a couple more hours? asked Lizzie.

"No buts I don't want your folks to worry & I don't them strangling me.' said Robin.

"I hear you! My Dad do have his moments." said Lizzie.

So the two walked in and order the icecream and sat down and talk.

"I guess this isn't the prom you've hope for huh?" asked Robin.

"Are you kidding? This is the prom I will never forget. I really enjoyed myself." said Lizzie.

"You did?" surprised Robin.

"The despite running into total those total jerks at prom I really had a good time." said Lizzie.

"I'm glad to hear that Lizzie." said Robin.

"So what do you think Charles and Cassie are doing?" asked Lizzie.

"Guess?" said Robin.

Lizzie thought about and it dawn on her.

"Ewwww is that all they ever think about & do?" asked Lizzie.

"Lizzie they are in love. Couples do that." said Robin.

"I like Andrew but I don't have sex on the brain." said Lizzie.

"Well shorty at some point you would be doing that soon." said Robin.

"If anyone I want to have sex with you." muttered Lizzie.

"What!?!?!" said Robin.

"I mean I mean what meant I'm not going to have sex till I'm married." said Lizzie changing what she had said.

"Oh good for you." said Robin.

Lizzie felt embarrassed for what she just said. Lizzie became quiet.

"Lizzie are you alright?" concerned Robin.

Deep down Lizzie is discovering that as close she and Robin is she may have develop feelings for him.

"Robin I have a confession to make." said Lizzie.

"Whatsup!" said Robin,

"What I'm bout to say you may not think of me the same way again." said Lizzie.

"Shorty I known for a long time now. You can tell me anything." said Robin.

"Okay but promise me you won't tell anyone not Lulu , Not Cassie and especially not Tay." said Lizzie.

"Lizzie I promise I won't tell a sold. What's on your mind?" asked Robin.

"I never really told you or anyone this but ever I known you I always had a crush on you."said Lizzie.

Robin was stunned and flattered at sametime. Robin started to laughed. Once Robin started laughing Lizzie felt embarrassed started to leave.

"Oh my God! I knew I should've kept my mouth shut." embarrased Lizzie.

"Shorty it's okay! It's nothing to be ashamed of." said Robin.

"So you not mad?" asked Lizzie.

"Of course not! Don't be silly. But unfortunately we can't be together. You're dating Andrew and I'm going married Lulu soon remember? Plus I'm little too old for you." said Robin.

"I know I just wanted to get this off my chest. Even though you're engaged to Lulu! I want you to be engaged to me. I don't care too much about age." said Lizzie.

"What about Andrew?" asked Lizzie.

"Lately Andrew seem to distance. And haven't been returning any of calls." said Lizzie.

"He's probably busy. Lizzie you are a terrific girl. You're smart, funny, pretty, caring, taleted, you're a bit a pain in the ass at time but you are wonderful person. Andrew is lucky to have you." said Robin,

"He so don't act like it sometimes." said Lizzie.

"Look any boy your age is would be lucky to have a girl like you. And just between me & you if I wan't engaged to Lulu. I would have taken a chance and date you ina heart beat." said Robin.

"YOU WOULD DATE FOR REAL" said excited Lizzie.

"Shhh! Lower you voice ...yes if it was meant to be you & I would be together....Oh lord why does that sounds familiar." stunned Robin as he thought back the times he had feelings for Cassie & the problem it caused when acted on them.

Hoping Lizzie doesn't make the same mistakes he try to set her straight.

"Andrew seems to be a good but if he doesn't the wonderful person that you are then he may not be the one. There are other great guys...your age are willing to go out with. But Lulu is my girl and you know have to respect that." said Robin.

"I know! " said disappointed Lizzie.

"Hey this doesn't mean we should stop being pals."said Robin.

"You mean we still friends?" asked Lizzie.

"Of course we never stopped! We will always be friends and you know I'm always there for you regardless. Hey we will always have our prom." said Robin.

Lizzie hugged Robin.

"Thanks Robin!" said Lizzie.

"Anytime shorty!" said Robin.

Suddenly the music started playing Best Friend [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

"OMG I love this song." said Lizzie.

"Me too! I've been trying to download this song for the longest." said Robin.

"Yeah the singer sister is really good." said Lizzie.

"Yeah but her sister is kinda' hot." said Robin.

"You know alot of people say that I look alot like her sister." said Lizzie.

Robin took a good close at Lizzie.

"Really!?!?! I don't see it." said Robin.

"Whatever!??!?! Wanna dance." asked Lizzie.

"Sure thing little one." said Robin.

The two started slow dancing to the music. Then suddenly Nate walked in with Cyd. The two had talked and made up.

"I'm happy that you & I are back together again." said Nate.

"Me too! Just don't act like that again alright. I don't play that." said Cyd.

"I will try not to. It just it's alot issues I still need to work out." said Nate.

"Then let me help you." said Cyd.

"Thanks but this is something have to do on my own. Thanks for forgiving me." said Nate.

"You better be lucky that you are cute." said Cyd.

Nate had a big grin.

The two started to listen to the song as well. Hey I'm feeling this song." said Nate.

"Me too!" said Cyd.

"I wanna dance?" asked Nate.

"Sure!" said Cyd.

The two started dancing.

Cyd looked over and discover that they won't the only one slow dancing.

"Looks like we are not the only dancing to beautiful music.

"What do you mean?" asked Nate.

Then Nate looked over and discovered that was Robin dancing with Lizzie. He saw the two was getting closer. And Lizzie was about to kissed Robin. Nate yelled.

"YOU SON OF BITCH!!!!!" yelled Nate.

Robin looked over and saw Nate furious.


Nate was in raged. Robin grabbed Lizzie and ran out the icrecream shoppe. Nate was chassing them. Cyd tried to stopped Nate.

"Nate STOP!!!!!" said Cyd.

But Nate shoved Cyd down on the floor and ran after Robin & Lizzie.

Robin and Lizzie quickly jumped into the limo and drove off. Nate was raging mad.


Meanwhile back at the beachhouse after having hot sex Charles was in bed holding Cassie and the two was listening to the song Best Friend.

"This is such a beautiful song." said Cassie.

"Yeah I think we should play this at our wedding." said Charles.

"Charles have you listening to the lyrics to song? I don't that's a good idea." said Cassie.

"Well we can always have a band just play the music." said Charles.

"Sometimes I wondered about you." laughed Cassie.

"Just think we are going to be graduates and getting married soon." said Charles.

"This is happening so fast." said Cassie.

"You're not getting cold feet on me are you? asked Charles.

"Of course not! I've been waiting for this for a longtime." said Cassie.

"Me too! As I say before nothing is going to get in our way this time as we both tied the knot." said Charles.

"I really love this song. Wanna go again while this song play? asked Cassie.

"I thought you never asked." said Charles as he kissed Cassie.

The two continued to make love the rest of the night.

Meanwhile Robin and Lizzie arrived back to the Sutton household. The two got out and Robin started walking Lizzie to the door.

"What is up with Nate?" asked Robin,

"I don't know! I never seen him act like this before. Has he forgotten that I was your date for the prom? asked Lizzie.

"Apparently he thought I was going to take advantage of you." said Robin.

"Well you wasn't" said Lizzie.

"Nate is really creepin me out." said Robin.

"Nate is just going through some stuff right now." said Lizzie.

"Well you home." said Robin.

"Yeah thanks for taking to your prom Robin." said Lizzie.

"No...thank you! I'm actually glad I have took you to my prom." said Robin.

"Well this one more thing that should end this lovely evening." said Lizzie.

"What's that?" asked Robin.

"This?" said Lizzie as gave Robin a passionate kissed.

Suddenly the two starting sharing a very passionate kissed. Tay was looking outside grinning and laughing.

"Night Robin." said Lizzie as she went inside the house.

Tay was smiling & laughing at Lizzie.

"What are you laughing at?" asked Lizzie.

"Well you cannot talk about me being head over heals with Sage. You are no better." said Tay as he showed Lizzie the picture he took of her and Robin kissing on his cell phone. Lizzie was mad.

"You jerk give that back!" said Lizzie as she started chasing after Tay.

Meanwhile as Robin went back to the limo he realized what he has done. He was shocked and confused.

"Why the hell just happened? asked Robin as he was talking to himself.

"You kissed that little that pretty young thing you studd!" laughed the driver.

"Mind your business & take me home!" said Robin.

"Whatever man." said the limo driver.

"Wait a minute! Am I developing feelings for please Robin you know better. She just a kid." Robin thought to himself.

Meanwhile back at the beachouse after a hot passionate sex Charles wrapped the covers around Cassie & held her as they both watch the sunrise.

"This is one prom I will never forget." said Charles.

"Me too! It just a shame we weren't able to have a prom at our own school." said Cassie.

"Yeah but I'm glad this prom have made up for last year." said Charles.

"So are you looking forward to graduating?" asked Cassie.

"Yes but I'm more exciting about us finally tying the knot. I really want to marry you so bad!!!" said Charles.

"Charles relax we're getting close to it." said Cassie.

"I can't wait any longer lets try to elope again. Only this time lets go to Vegas." said Charles.

The Cassie laughed!

"Charles we have already promised our folks we will have the wedding with them in it. Besides we can't have a double wedding without Robin and Lulu." said Cassie.

"Yeah well it seems like Robin is having cold feet plus it really seems like he is into Lizzie." said Charles.

"Shut up! It's not even like that & you know it." said Cassie.

"Well it just seems like Robin is having second thoughts." said Charles.

"Robin is probably nervous this is new to him." said Cassie.

"But this is new to us as well beautiful." said Charles.

"Yeah but we've been attempting to get many times and it fails." said Cassie.

"I know but if Robin backs out of the wedding we won't have a double wedding and no disrespect to Robin & Lulu but I think this would be for the better. The wedding should be just you & me." said Charles.

"So what if Robin is having cold feet. It's natural. Robin and Lulu are our friends and they need our support. Robin always been there for us especially last night. And plus besides his mother Robin really has nobody. We need to encourage Robin that this is right."

"(Sigh) I guess you are right" said Charles.

Suddenly Cassie cellphone rang & it was Lulu.

"Hello" Cassie answerd.

"Cassie" cried Lulu.

"Lulu?" confused Cassie.

"Yeah...Cassie I'm in troubled" said Lulu.

"What's wrong?" worried Cassie.

"Did you mother told you yet?" asked Lulu.

"Lulu what are you talking about?" asked Cassie.

"Robin is going to be a daddy." said Lulu.

"You mean!?!?!" shocked Cassie.

"Yeah..I'm pregnant!" cried Lulu.

"OMG congratulations does Robin know yet?" asked Cassie.

"Yes but unfortunately my parent knows... they kicked me out of the house and my father don't want anything to do with me anymore." cried Lulu.

"Oh my God! Where are you now?" asked Cassie.

"I'm still at the hospital. I have nowhere to go." cried Lulu.

"Stay where you are. Charles and I are on our way over." said Cassie as she hung up.

"Cassie what's going on?" asked Charles.

"Charles get dressed!" said Cassie.

"Why?" asked Charles.

"I'll explain on the way to the hospital." said Cassie.

"What?" confused Charles.

Chassie got dressed & arrived at the hospital to see Lulu. Cassie greeted & hugged Lulu.

"Lulu are you alright?" asked Cassie.

"No I'm not." cried Lulu.

"Lulu you're pregnant. You should be happy." said Cassie.

"Cassie were you happy that when found out you were going to have twins?" asked Lulu.

Cassie paused and thought about when she were pregnant.

"Well?" asked Lulu.

"I must admit when I first found out I was pregnant. I was shocked & scared." said Cassie.

"Well think about how I'm feeling right now. I'm not ready to be a mom." said Lulu.

"Lulu I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I was pregnant. However I have love & support from my friends & family including you Lulu." said Cassie.

"Ummm what about me?" asked Charles.

"Of course you! The point is I've wouldn't gotten through with my family & you guys." said Cassie.

"That just it Cassie. You have your family. I don't. My parent turned on me. My parents are strict & proud phillipines. They come from an asian cultural background. When I first told them I was dating Robin they didn't approve because Robin is white & isn't asian and they forbid me to see him." Lulu explained.

"Oh my God that's awful." said Cassie.

"Did you tried talking them?" asked Charles.

"I tried everything. They just don't want to listen. I didn't want me to didn't anyone outside of my race except my own. But I didn't want to stop seeing Robin & I care for him very deeply. And you can't control how you feel about someone. So I rebel and I kept seeing Robin." said Lulu.

"You didn't even tell your parents that you & Robin are going to get married?" asked Cassie.

"No because I know they wouldn't approve so I decided to marry Robin anyway & tell them & show them how great of a person Robin really is. But once I got pregnant & my parent found out my Dad called me white wash & wouldn't even look at me or talk to me. And me mom threaten to either call off the wedding & get rid of the baby or they will disowned me." said Lulu as she begin to cry.

Cassie started to console Lulu.

"Are you going to tell Robin?" asked Cassie.

"No I can't" said Lulu.

"Why not? It's his baby too. He's has the right to know." angered Charles.

"Charles please chill! Lulu, you have to tell Robin that you are pregnant with his child." said Cassie.

"Robin doesn't need to know right now." said Lulu.

"Lulu are you nuts? He's going to find out sooner or later." said Charles.

"No he don't! And Robin will never will find out because I'm getting rid of it." said Lulu.

"WHAT!!!!! You don't mean..." stunned Cassie.

"Yes I'm want to have an abortion." said Lulu.

Both Charles and Cassie are stunned.

Meanwhile back at Monica's house Robin was cooking breakfast. He was cooking all of Lulu's favorite meals. He went upstairs to his bedroom & open the door he saw someone was in his bed.

"I've been missing you for the longest gorgeous. I really want you so bad. I fix your favorite meals for you." said Robin flirting. So come out of those covers so I can feed you." said Robin.

There were a giggle.

"Oh you want to play that shy role huh?" laughed Robin as he pulled the covers off.

As Robin pull the covers off it was Lizzie wearing a nightie lingerie.

"I've been waiting for you Robin. I've been waiting for you for a longtime." said Lizzie.

Robin paused!

"So are you going to feed me Robin or are you just going to stand there?" said Lizzie seductively.

" there is no way I'm going to feed you because I want you very bad." said Robin as he jump into bed and started making out with Lizzie.

Suddenly Robin woke up screaming.

"NO I LOVE I'M NOT A FREAK!!!!!!! I'VE MY LULU!!!!!" yelled Robin.

Robin realized it was all a dream. Soon Monica rushed to Robin's to see what was going on.

"Robin are you alright?" worried Monica.

"Yes mom I just had a bad dream that's all." said Robin.

"Must've been some dream. I heard you moaning & groaning all night. said Monica.

Robin was shocked!

"Yes sweetie you also talk in your sleep. You must really want Lulu bad. Word of advice sweetie wait until you & Luluofficially tied the knot okay." said Monica.

"Yeah..sure!" said Robin.

Then Robin thought to himself.

"What the hell is wrong with me. i just had a sexual dream about Lizzie of all people. I shouldn't be thinking about Lizzie in that way at all. I knew taking her to my senior prom was a bad idea. I really missed Lulu. I need to be with her." Robin thought to himself.

So Robin washed up got dressed & went downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning Robin or may I say good afternoon." greeted Monica.

"Huh?" confused Robin.

"Baby it's 2 in the afteroon." laughed Monica.

"2?!?!" shocked Robin.

"Yeah you got in the house so late and you must've had a great time at prom. So I decided to let you sleep in late." said Monica.

"Thanks...I think" said Robin.

"I just hope you brought Lizzie home at a reasonable hour." said Monica.

"Mom, I brought Lizzie home in one peace." said Robin.

"I know but you know Officer Sutton feels about his kids especially Cassie & Lizzie." said Monica.

"Mom trust me I know better. May I get some coffee? asled Robin.

"Coffee? Since when have you been drinking caffine? asked Monica.

"Mom I'm eighteen." said Robin.

"I'm sorry ! With you graduating & getting married soon. Time just flies by so fast. It just hard to face to the fact tha you're not my little baby anymore." said Monica.

"I'm still your son." said Robin.

"I know. You are growing up so fast. A little too fast. You always been so matured since you were nine." said Monica.

"I had to. Dad was an asshole." said Robin.

"Watch your language. Mike may have made some bad choices but he is still your father regardless." said Monica.

"Whatever!' said Robin rollin' his eyes.

"So how was the prom?" asked Monica.

"Mom I rather not talk that right now." said Robin.

"Robin you've been out almost all night you have to tell me something." said Monica.

"Lets just say it's just an unusual prom that's all." said Robin.

"Robin sweetie are you okay you? You're seems kinda' moody today." concerned Monica.

"I'm sorry it's I have alot on my mind as of late & plus I haven't heard from Lulu." said Robin.

"What's going on with Lulu?"asked Monica.

"I don't know! Lately Lulu been avoiding me. She won't return my phone calls, emails, or text messages. And I don't know what I have done." said Robin.

"Sweetie she's probably nervous about the wedding. And she's spending time with her folks. She'll be okay." said Monica.

:I hope you're right." said Robin.

I'm know I'm right." said Monica.

"Mom may I ask you something?" asked troubled Robin.

"Sure" said Monica.

"When you & Dad were about to get married did you by any chance had start to have feelings for someone?" asked Robin as he thought about Lizzie.

"Sure I thought about someone I was interested in when Mike & I were about to get married." said Monica.

"Did you ever regret it not hooking up with him?' puzzled Robin.

"No I don't any regrets at all. Because I was infratuated with this person." said Monica.

"But you really liked this person." confused Robin.

"But I wasn't in love with him Robin...Oh no Robin this can't be?" said Monica as she began to notice.

Robin was feeling guilty and ashame that his mom may know that he may have feelings for Lizzie.

"Robin I don't believe you." stunned Robin.

"Mom I can explain. I didn't want this to happen but." said Robin.

"There's no buts I know exactly what you're thinking and this is unacepptable & I am not going to let you hurt Lulu & The Sutton family." angered Monica.

"I understand it just last night." said Robin but Monica interrupted.

"It doesn't matter it is wrong Robin." said Monica.

"I'm afraid you may not be too happy about this." said Robin feeling ashamed for having feelings for Lizzie.

"You're damn right! I still can't believe you still have feelings for Cassie." disgusted Monica.

"Yeah and I'm sorry that I might have feeling for....CASSIE!!!!" shocked Robin as he realized that Monica is unaware his possible feelings for Lizzie.

"Robin we've been through this before. You have something special with Lulu as Cassie have something special with Charles. Robin look I understand that Cassie is an attractive girl and you're human. But this is an infratuation nothing else. There's a difference between loving someone & being in love. You may love Cassie but you are not in love with her. You're in love with Lulu. Trust me on this on Robin. This thing you have for Cassie is going blow over quick. Especially once you start talking to Lulu again. So don't it Robin. All this is not worth hurting Lulu and Charles and destroying the Sutton household." said Monica.

Even though Robin was releived that Monica didn't figured out he had possible feelings for Lizzie he understood what his mother was telling him. And he realized that he was just infratuated with Lizzie. Robin realized that he need to be with Lulu.

"You're right! Thanks for talking some sense into me." said Robin.

"That's what mothers are for." said Monica as she hugged Robin.

Suddenly Robin recieved a text message from Cassie.

"Robin come to the hospital right a way. Lulu really needs you. Cassie"

Robin was shocked.

"I gotta go!" said Robin.

"Where on earth are you going?" confused Monica.

"I just got a text from Cassie. Lulu is in the hospital and I need to be there right away." said Robin.


"I don't know! I'm going to find out." said Robin.

"I'm coming with you." said Monica.

"MOM!" annoyed Robin.

"Uh uh I don't trust you alone with Cassie and I am not going to let you make a stupid mistake now lets go. MOVE BOY MOVE!" said Monica.

"(Sigh) Maybe should've told her about Lizzie." said Robin himself.

"Robin did I stutter hustle boy hustle." said Monica.

Meanwhile back at the hospital.

"Cassie are you sure Robin will be here?" asked Charles.

"Yes he will listen to me." said Cassie.

"Cassie I don't think it's our place to tell about what's going on with Lulu." said Charles.

"Charles, Lulu is about to make the most biggest & most dangerous decision of her life. Robin is the father of that baby. He has the right to know. Robin is the only one that can get through to Lulu." said Cassie.

"But are you sure that wants Lulu to keep their baby," said Charles.

"How could you asked something like this?" angered Cassie.

"I was just joking beautiful." said Charles.

"This is serious Charles. We have to tell Robin so he can talk some sense into Lulu." said Cassie.

"Alright I hope you know what you are doing Cassie."said Charles.

Soon Robin and Monica arrived at the hospital.

"Robin, I am so happy you came." said Cassie as h hugged Robin.

"I came as quick as I can what's going on? What's wrong with Lulu? worried Robin.

"Yeah is she alright?" asked Monica.

"Yes & no" said Cassie.

"Yes & No? What are you talking about?" asked Monica.

"You two better sit down for this." said Charles.

"Will you two please tell me what is going on?" frustrated Robin.

Then Cassie took & held Robin's hand. Monica had a weird look on her face with concerned.

"Robin not only you will gain a wife but you will gain a child as well." said Cassie.

"Huh?" confused Robin.

"Robin, Lulu's pregnant!" said Cassie.

"WHAT!?!?! You're kidding right?" stunned Robin.

"Nope it's 100% official." said Cassie.

"I don't believe this! I can't believe Lulu would do this to me? DAMMIT!!!!" snapped Robin as he banged his fist on the wall.

"Robin you should be happy." said Cassie.

"Happy my ass! How could I be happy Lulu cheated on me. Now I know what she's been avoiding me! She's been fooling around with someone behind my back. This also explain why she didn't care at all that I took Lizzie to our senior prom. Who is the baby father so I can pound his ass.?" angered Robin.

"OMG! Could you be anymore dumb? asked Charles.

"What?" anger Robin.

"HELLO!!!! YOU ARE THE BABY'S FATHER STUPID!!!!!!!" said Charles.

"I'm the baby's father?" stunned Robin as he paused!

"That's right Robin you are going to be a daddy!" said Cassie.

"My Robin is going to be a father?" shocked Monica.

Robin just stood there and paused.

Robin...Robin...Robin are you alright?" asked Cassie.

"Dude say something." said Charles.

"Sweetie they are talking to you." said Monica.

Suddenly Robin fainted.

Chassie and Monica soon got the nurse and were able to wake him and then Cassie went on to explain the situation about Lulu. Robin was unhappy to hear about what Lulu is thinking and he now realizes who he want & needed to be with and it is not with Lizzie. So he went into the room to talk to Lulu.

"OMG I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother....I'm too young to be a grandmother." cried Monica.

"It's okay Mrs. Robin." said Cassie as she and Charles console her.

Soon Robin walked into the room.

"Hey Gorgeous" said Robin.

"Robin!" shocked Lulu.

Suddenly Robin went gave Lulu a long and passionate kiss. Lulu started to smile a little bit.

"What was that for?" asked Lulu.

"For being so beautiful." said Robin.

"I don't feel too beautiful." said Lulu.

"You are to me and you are going to be the best mom." said Robin.

"You mean Charles and Cassie told you? But aren't you mad? confused Lulu.

"Mad I couldn't be more happier. I always wanted to be a dad. A least a better father than my dad. That's why don't want you get rid of the baby." said Robin.

"Robin you don't want a baby by me. We are both not ready for parenthood." said Lulu.

"Look Cassie explained everything to me. I know it's going to be difficult but we'll managed." said Robin.

"Robin you don't understand my parents don't like you. You are not Asian. They will disowned me if I married you & have this baby. I will lose my family." cried Lulu.

"Lulu you still got me and my mom. We're your family." said Robin.

"You consider me family?" asked Lulu.

"Of course! I'm sorry that your parent don't approve of our relationship but I'm not marrying them I'm marrying you. And I want to be with you." said Robin.

"You really mean it?" asked Lulu.

"Yes! And I know deep down you do not want to get rid of the baby." said Robin.

"But Robin a baby will change everything. What about college? What about our careers & dreams?" asked Lulu.

"We're manage! We'll find a way to work this out. My mom will even helped. I know this will not be easy but we can do this. Charles and Cassie is making this work." said Robin.

"But we are not Charles and Cassie, Robin." said Lulu.

"I know but I don't want to lose you or the baby." said Robin.

"You really think this will work?" asked Lulu.

"I know so" said Robin.

"I don't know we are talking about a very big change here Robin." said Lulu.

"Lulu do you love me?" asked Robin.

"Yes!" said Lulu.

"Then you will have to trust me that we will try to make this work okay?" said Robin.

"Well if you think I mean if you know this is going to work then I will keep the baby." said Lulu.

"You really mean it?" said Robin with a big smile.

"Yes! Maybe motherhood won't be so bad after all." said Lulu.

"I love so much." said Robin as he hugged Lulu.

"I love you too." said Lulu crying.

Cassie watched as the two of them hugged.

"Thank you Robin." said Cassie as she had a tear her eye.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:21 am

Nice job Batman642! Sorry you had so much trouble with the other site, but I think i like the FF better here anyway. Thanks!

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:51 am

No problem Candygwen!

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:59 am

"Anytime Beautiful" whispered Robin.

Now Robin was thinking to himself. How he was going to tell his mom that she is going to be a grandmom.

Hours later Charles and Cassie went along with Robin back home and told his mother about Lulu. Monica was shocked to hear the news. Then she told Charles and Cassie that her and Robin needed to talk.

"You two better go now." said Robin.

"Are you going to be alright?" asked Cassie.

"I'll be fine." said Robin.

"Robin you mom doesn't look too happy." said Charles.

"I've better and let me talk to her." said Cassie.

"Cassie this is my problem not yours. So you better go." said Robin.

"But Robin!" begged Robin.

"Cassie please go now...I appreciate you and Charles telling me but I need deal with this." said Robin.

"He's right Cassie. This is between him and his mother now." said Charles.

"Okay...Robin good luck." said Cassie as she hugged Robin.

"Yeah you are going to need it." said Charles sarcasticly.

"Umm shouldn't you be someone changing your twins diapers? asked Robin.

Charles chuckled as he wrapped his armed around Cassie and left.

"Robin come here." said Monica.

"Yes Mom!" said Robin.

"Sit down." said Monica.

"Mom are you upset with me?" asked Robin.

"Well I can't really say that I'm not disappointed because I am. Robin what on earth are you thinking? How could you and Lulu be this reckless?" asked Monica.

"Mom I'm eighteen, I'm graduating and getting married soon." said Robin.

"That's not the point. You realize you are about to bring life into the world. This is whole new ball game." said Monica.

"Mom, I know you're shocked but I'm shocked too. But we're managed!" said Robin.

"BOY! You don't understand? Raising a baby is a huge responsibility. You have to make some huge sacrifices to care of him or her. Does Lulu parents know about this?" asked Monica.

"Yes and they are not too happy about it." said Robin.

"Can you blame them? Robin, your father and I always told about these types of situations that you always used protections regardless. You are too young to be having kids. You got your whole life ahead of you." said Monica.

"Mom I'm know you are disappointed and I'm sorry but I talked to Lulu and we are going to have this baby and plus we are going to both go to school and raise our child together." said Robin.

"So you really have this figure don't you?" asked Monica sarcasm.

"Ugh" asked confused Robin.

"You have no idea what you are in for. WAKE UP ROBIN!!!!! This isn't a game. This is real life we are talking about." yelled Monica.

"Mom I'm sorry! We can do this. Look at Charles and Cassie they're parents and looked how they turned out." said Robin.

"Robin sorry doesn't prevent getting pregnant. And case you haven't realize you are not Charles and Cassie. And I'm sure when Cassie got pregnant her parents wasn't crazy about it either. How are you & Lulu going to raise this child? And where are you two going to live? Have you two thought about you didn't because you know why you two are teenagers....STUPID ASS TEENAGERS!!!!!! yelled Monica.

"Well at least we're getting married doesn't that count?" laughed Robin.


"OMG Monica I don't believe this I'm turning into Mike. Robin I'm so sorry. I didn't to go off on you like that. It just that we have plans for you and being a father at age 18 isn't one of them." cried Monica.

"Mom please don't cry. I'm sorry. But I'm not a kid anymore. And yes Lulu and I are aware of what's going on. But I'm the manager of the Rev. and you Lulu will still go to school and when she have the baby she'll take a semester off to be with the child and I will take a semester off as well. Plus Lulu will get a part time job. We're know what we're doing." said Robin.

"But do you know what you & Lulu are getting yourselves into?" asked Monica.

"Yes and to be honest I'm scared!" said Robin.

"You should be! But I am your mother and I am going to help you and Lulu with baby. And you two can live here as long as you want after you graduate highschool. But you two are going to raise this child. You two are not going to stick me with the baby. After dealing with Darren I'm done raising kids. But I am here for you & Lulu. I'm going teach you two everything about being a parent." said Monica.

"Thanks Mom!" said Robin.

"Now give me hug." said Monica.

Robin gave Monica a hug.

"We'll get threw this no matter what." cried Lulu.

Meanwhile Charles and Cassie head back to Charles apartment.

"Cassie you've been so quiet." said Charles.

"I'm sorry I just can't stopped thinking about Robin and Lulu." said Cassie.

"I know I how you feel but Robin said this is their problem not ours. Anyway Robin maybe a thorn at my side at times but I do respect the guy. He made his bed and he's willing to lie in it." said Charles.

"I know but we are still Robin and Lulu friends Charles and we should there for them." said Cassie.

"(Sigh) I guess you're right... you know we've studying our finals all day. Lets take a break and have some fun in the showers." said Charles being kinky.

"Charles really? Is that all you think about is sex? We just talked about Robin and Lulu situation and you wanna get your freak on." annoyed Cassie.

"But Cassie it'll keep your mind off of everything." said Charles as he wrapped his armed around Cassie.

"Charles what we need to keep our mind on our studies so we can graduate." said Cassie.

"But Cassie I still want to rehearse our honeymoon." said Charles.

"We already rehearse our honeymoon in Hawaii and our prom night. And after the hearing about Robin and Lulu I'm not planning on having anymore kids anytime soon." said Cassie.

"But baby I'm horny." said flirtatious Charles.

Charles no! We have to study and turned that shower off and I'm getting in the shower with you." said Cassie.

"Wait a minute I didn't turned shower on." confused Charles.

"If you didn't then who did?" asked Cassie.

"Good question!" said Cassie.

"You don't think someone has broken in here?" asked frighten Cassie.

"I don't know but if they did someone is gonna to get hurt. Wiat right here. said Charles.

Charles went straight to the bathroom it was steaming and fogging as soon Charles snatched off the curtains he saw Giselle in the shower naked.

"WHAT THE F!!!!!!!" shocked Charles.

"Hey Chucky baby!" greeted Giselle.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Mon May 12, 2014 7:47 pm


"Waiting for you. As you can see I've been soaking in the shower all day. I am so wet for you Charles. So get out of dry clothes so we can get wet together." said Giselle as she started to undressed Charles.

Then suddenly push Giselle away.

"Giselle...stopped! This is going way too far. You have no business being in my apartment. And how the hell did you get in here?" shocked Charles.

"I have the landlord make copy of the key." said Giselle.

"How?" shocked Charles.

"I pulled some strings by saying I was an old flame which is true." said Giselle as she stand there naked & drinking wet.

Charles continued to stare at Giselle. But quickly came to his senses & gave Giselle a towel.

"Looked I don't know which part of I don't know which part of I don't want you don't understand. I love Cassie and I am engaged to her. Her and I are getting married. It's time you have accept it. Get over it and move on...Geez both you & your Uncle needs some serious." frustrated Charles.

"No Charles you need to really ask yourself. Do you really want a girl like Cassie or a woman like me?" asked Giselle as she removed her towel.

Charles looked confused. Suddenly Giselle pulled Charles into the showers and the two started kissing.

"Yes Charles! Let it out!" said Giselle as she tore off his shirt.

Charles was kissing all over Giselle. Then suddenly Charles heard Cassie's voice calling his name & he quickly looked in the mirror & saw himself shirtless and Giselle naked.

Charles was shocked at what he was doing & what he was about to do. He quickly came to his senses & put his shirt back on.

"Chucky why you stopped? We were just getting started." said Giselle flirting.

"Well this is where it stop and finally ends for good. It's obvivious you can't respect me or my relationship with Cassie. You just almost made me make the biggest mistake of my life." said Charles.

"Oh Come on Chucky!" said Giselle flirting.

"DON'T CALLED ME THAT!!!!" angered Charles.

Suddenly Cassie started to knocked on the door.

"Charles what's going on here?" asked Cassie as she started to open the door.

Soon Charles quickly show the door & locked it.

"Charles what are doing in there? Why did you locked the door?" confused Cassie.

"Umm Cassie I'm trying to fixed the shower." lied Charles.

"What?!?" confused Cassie.

"Lying to your fiancée you will make an excellent husband Charles. said Gisselle as she stuck her tonge down Charles' ear.

"GET OFF OF ME!" upset Charles.

"Charles aren't we friends?" asked Giselle as she was playing with her own body.

"No you're not Cassie is my friend." said Charles.

"Oh come on! Invite her in. All three of can be friends in the showers. We can all fool of around. We can all have a nice little threesome together. Imagine having you own sundae. Chocolate & Vanilla. I always want lick & Cassie all over. She smell so good. I want to touch her so badly. Bring her in here." said Giselle.

"WHAT THE....OMG you're freakin' sick! Alright it is time for you to go now!" said Charles.

"Now Charles how are you going to throw me out with Cassie around?" asked Giselle.

Suddenly Charles saw a fire escape. He opened the window & got the hold of the copied house keys the landlord made for Giselle.

"Alright here get out & leave right now!" anger Charles.

"Wait a minute you're actually kicking me out?" shocked Giselle.

"Yes! I don't ever want to see you again. Since you cannot respect me or Cassie I want you out of my life for good. Don't text me, email me, don't call me, don't even tweet me. I am officially threw with you." said Charles.

"But Charles I love you!" cried Giselle.

"You don't get it do you? I never loved you. I loved Cassie. It's time for you to accept it, move on & more importantly GROW UP!!!!!!!" said Charles as he threw Giselle out of the fire escape and snatched off the towel.

"Wait a minute! You can't leave out there in the rain naked!" shocked Giselle.

"Wanna bet!" said Charles.

"Charles I'll scream!" said Giselle.

"Go ahead & try it. I just closed the window and the window is sound proof." said Charles.

"Charles if you do this I promise you going to make the biggest mistake of your life!" threaten Giselle.

"My big mistake was meeting you in the first place." said Charles as he shut the window.


Giselle face was red with anger. However Charles unknownly that Giselle had her cellphone with her outside & she video taped and took pictures of her and Charles making out.

"Nobody screw with me! No one! I MEAN NO ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Giselle.

Soon Charles walked out of the bathroom soaking wet.

"Charles what's going on in there. Why was to door locked? And why are you so wet?" asked Cassie.

"Ummm Cassie you have to go. I tried fixing the shower but wouldn't turned off so I have to called the plumber to get these pipes fixed." lied Charles.

"Alright...I'll be so glad that we will moved back into our beachhouse once we tied the knot. This apartment is too much." said Cassie.

"Yeah tell me about it." said Charles.

As Cassie walked out. Charles shook his head and started crying.

"Why me! Why me! Why do these things keep happening to me. All I want is Cassie. I want some happiness. Can you please give me that instead giving me hell. I just want some peace and happiness with Cassie & the twins." cried Charles.

Meanwhile Cassie was walking down the hallway she saw Tay walking out apartment with Sage and the two were making out.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Sat May 17, 2014 11:21 pm

Finally got to read it Batman642. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the update. I was just thinking to myself.... LH has been off of the air since 2007. It is now 2014. FF has been going on for SEVEN YEARS and Chassie is STILL NOT MARRIED. wOW...... SMH...

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Mon May 19, 2014 3:28 am

Ok batman please let the trash gone about her business and Chassie get married no more breaking up no coming between them from anybody .Ok know when next update,no leaving us hanging to long.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by LincolnHeightsDiva on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:19 pm

Lol at justn4us...(let the trash gone)

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:36 am

Cassie was shock when she saw Tay and Sage making out. Sage heard a sound.

"Why you stopped?" asked Tay.

"I thought I heard something." said Sage.

Cassie hid behind the storage room as Sage looked.

"Sage chilled nobody is around." said Tay.

"Tay I don't want anybody finding out about us. We shouldn't be even doing this. This is too weird." said Sage.

"Come on Sage you agreed to be my manager right?" asked Tay.

"Yes but I didn't agreed to be your girlfriend. So don't get it twisted." said Sage.

"Sage relaxed I'm not looking for a relationship. Just to be with you and to make out with you." said Tay as he continue to kiss Sage neck.

Sage was getting turned on.

"OMG that's feels so good." said Sage.

"You like that don't you?" asked Tay.

"Yes...I mean no Tay STOP!!!!!!" said Sage as she push Tay off of her.

"Sage what wrong?" asked Tay.

"Tay look I like you but you need to control yourself. I'm still your manager. Plus you are still too young so let's this keep this between us nobody I mean nobody knows about this." said Sage.

"But" said Tay.

"I mean nobody Tay or else I'm going to kill you." said Sage.

"Oh alright!" said Tay.

"Lets not get business and our funtime mixed up okay?" asked Sage.

"Does this mean we can't knocked boots?" asked Tay.

"Tay what is wrong with you? I've already told you that you are too young plus have you forgot that I still have HIV? snapped Sage.

"No haven't forgetten that is why got protection." said Tay.

"Forget it! That is not going to happen. You have a bright future and I'm not going to take that chance on you screwing that up. So get your mind outta gutter right now." snapped Sage.

"Alright! Damn!" said Tay.

"Tay I'm sorry! I just don't want passed my illness on to you. I will never forgive myself." said Sage.

"So really do care about me?" excited Tay.

"You are my client and I just want to make you a star that's it." said Sage.

"I see! No need to deny it." said Tay.

"Go home Tay! I'll talk to you tomorrow." said Sage.

"Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" asked Tay.

"Good Night Tay." said Sage as she went back into her room.

"She wants me." laughed Tay as he begins to leave.

As Tay want down the hallway Cassie came out of the storage room rolling up a magazine snuck up behind Tay and started beating him with the rolled up magazine.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid" scream Cassie as she continue to beat Tay with magazine.

"What the hell?" yelled Tay as turned around and saw Cassie.

"Cassie?" shocked Tay.

"Yeah Cassie!" she snapped.

"What are you doing here?" asked Tay.

"No the question is what the hell you doing making out with Sage of all people?" angered Cassie.

"That's none of your damn business!" snapped Tay.

"It is too my damn business! I catch my little brother making out with an HIV slut." snapped Cassie.

"First of all watch how you talk to my girl and second why are you all up in my business? I don't be coming to your space interfering with you & Charles screwing each others brains out like their no tomorrow." anger Tay.

"Tay that is different." said Cassie.

"How?" asked Tay.

"Charles and I are the same peers. Sage is too old for you and you got no business getting that serious." said Cassie.

"Cassie, Sage is my manage! She is going to help my career." said Tay.

"How by milking money off of you. Wake up Tay! Sage as usual is using you. I can't believe you can be this gulliable. Why do you keep letting Sage take advantage of you? Have you forgotten the time she made you that hotdog suit in the hot weather and you collapsed and nearly died?' angered Cassie.

"Cassie that was a longtime ago. Sage regret doing that. She changed!" said Tay.

"Changed nothing! Tay you do not need someone like that to managed you. You can do better than that." said Cassie.

"Cassie I don't need you try to run my life. You need to worry about your own twins. It not like you were there for me nor respect to begin with." said Tay.

"How dare you ungrateful brat! I've been looking out for you since day 1. I had your back and I put up with you and your music. I even cover for you. This fame has gone to your head. snapped Cassie.

"And maybe you being head over heels with Charles had cloud your better judgement." said Tay.

"You know what! I'm not going to argue with you. Do whatever you want. I'm done! Just don't come crying to me when uses you & break your heart. You only have yourself to blame. I was just trying to help your stupid ass." angered Cassie.

"FINE I don't need you no way." said Tay.

"FINE!!!!!!" said Cassie as she stormed off.

As Cassie head to her car she spotted a naked Giselle running into the bushes.

" it can't be! It's been a long day I need head back home." said Cassie as she drove off.

Meanwhile back at seaschool. Robin and Lulu was chillin' in their suite after they have completed their final exam last week. And looking forward to graduation tomorrow.

"I am so glad that our last finals are over." said Lulu.

"Me too! The best part is we past all of our exams. I can't wait to get my diploma tomorrow." said Robin as he was rubbing Lulu's feet.

"Hmmm I can't believe we are graduating tomorrow. Is your mother going to be here tomorrow?" asked Lulu.

"Yeah so will Cassie, Her Parents, Lizzie, Tay, & Nate. Oh yeah Charles will be here too. What about your parents?" asked Robin.

"No they still aren't talking to me. Can't believe my father hates me." sadden Lulu.

"Lulu don't feel bad. You still got us." said Robin.

"Robin you don't understand I shamed my parents by getting involved with you." said Lulu.

"Lulu you haven't shamed anybody. If anyone should ashame is your parents ignorance." said Robin.

"Robin I agree with you but they are still my parents. There is no need to insult them." said Lulu.

"Lulu I'm sorry that your parents treating like this but what they are doing is wrong. They letting their racist attitude coming between you guys." said Robin.

"I know I just wish they be more understanding. Robin would you love me if I was white?" asked Lulu.

"Lulu I would still love no matter what color you are. You could be a blue smurf and I still love you. However if you were green I could only love you by a far." joked Robin.

"Robin!" snapped Lulu as she threw a pillow at him.

"Chill Lulu I was only joking." Laughed Robin.

"It's not funny Robin." annoyed Lulu.

"Lulu why does it matter? Matter of fact why would you asked something like that? Don't you like being Asian?" asked Robin.

"Of course Robin! I'm just concerned about our child. You realize he's going to be biracial?" said Lulu.

"Yeah and what does that has to do with anything?" asked Robin.

"Robin our child is going to deal with these unfeeling assholes ho don't like mixed babies. Aren't you atleast bit concerned or do you even care at all?" worried Lulu.

"Lulu of course I cared. And yes I am aware of what our child is going to go through. But I'm not going to let these ignorant people intimidate us or our child. Our baby is our to alright so relax. And you beautiful no matter what. You are the beautiful Asian phillipino girl I have ever met. And I love you. Otherwise I wouldn't be marrying you." said Robin.

"Well I don't feel beautiful. This pregnancy really make me feel unpretty." said Lulu.

"Lulu you are barely showing." said Robin.

"Robin have you took a good look at me. I'm a couple months pregnant. It will be three next week. I'm nausua , I'm hot all the time, I'm always tired. My breast is aching and they look like I have implants." said Lulu.

"They do look juicy to suck on. Yum Yum!" said Robin.

"Please stop talking nasty Robin. You're grossing me out. I've been craving apple pie covered with mustard & coconuts." said Lulu.

"Lulu that's natural when you are pregnant. What wrong with that?" asked Robin.

"I hate coconuts! You know earlier this morning tried on my cap & gown and I realize that I'm fat." said Lulu.

"You're fine! You're not fat." said Robin.

"Will you stop trying make me feel better. I know I'm fat and bloated. My face is even swollen." cried Lulu.

"Lulu look in the mirror. What I see is a beautiful I fell in love with. You face is not bloated is glowing. If anything this pregnancy had made you more beautiful." said Robin.

"You're lousy liar but I appreciate those kind words. Face it I'm fat & gross to be around with." said Lulu.

"Lulu if that was the case I wouldn't be rubbing your pregnant tummy and wouldn't be rubbing your soft and sexy pregnant feet and those suckable pregnant toes. Boy are they are suckables." said Robin as he was rubbing and massaging Lulu's feet and staring at her toes.

"Robin don't you dare!" laughed Lulu.

Suddenly Robin was licking Lulu's feet.

"Ewww Robin you are so nasty!" laughed Lulu.

Then Robin to suck on Lulu's toes.

"EEEEK Robin haha stop this is embarrassing." laughed Lulu.

"I can't your toes are delicious." said Robin.

"You are so weird! But you are sweet weirdo & I love you." said Lulu.

"I love you! We are going to make great interesting parents." said Robin as he kissed Lulu.

Robin took his shirt off and he took removed Lulu's pants and her panties. Moments later they making love.

"Robin should we be doing this while I'm pregnant?" asked Lulu.

"Lulu it's our last night on the ship and it's our child besides I don't think this will harm the baby at all. Let's just enjoy the moment." said Robin.

The two made love the rest of the evening and the whole night

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:14 am

Loving it good update,Tay & Sage Oh no.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:02 pm

The next day back at the Sutton household. Cassie was getting ready to go to Robin & Lulu's graduation. Cassie was putting on her blue & white dress as soon as Cassie getting ready to put on her favorite high heels she discovered they were missing. Than she figured there could be only one person who had taken her favorites high heels.

"Lizzie" Cassie mumbled.

Furious Cassie started storming down. The hallway knocking both Tay and Nate out of the way.

"What's her problem?" confused Nate.

"Most be that time of the month again. Tay responded.

Meanwhile Lizzie who were wearing a lot of lipstick & makeup and in her panties and white top was lying bed daydreaming about her and Robin. Wishing that if she loses her virginity she want Robin to be her first. Soon Lizzie fell fast asleep. Soon Lizzie woke up & find out Robin was laying next to her shirtless and watching her.

"OMG Robin what are doing here? shocked Lizzie.

"Watching your nice little booty." said Robin.

Lizzie quickly covered herself up not realizing she was dreaming.

"Robin this is akward. said Lizzie.

Robin removed the blanket from Lizzie.

"Nice legs! Were you waiting for me?" asked Robin.

"Yes..I It's not like that it just I was getting dressed to go to your graduation." panic Lizzie.

"Doesn't look like it." said Robin as continued to flirt & was getting closer to Lizzie.

"Robin stop you making me nervous." said Robin as he began to kiss Lizzie.

Than Lizzie started to kiss back.

"That's a lot of make up." said Robin.

"Well I know how much you looked this colored." said Lizzie.

"Taste just like candy." said Robin.

The two continued to kiss. Robin was kissing Lizzie's neck and then he started to unbutton Lizzie's top but she stopped him.

"Robin shouldn't be doing this. This is not right." worried Lizzie.

"Shhh relax! I really want to love you so bad. said Robin as he continued to kissed Lizzie down to her tummy.

Lizzie was getting comfortable and like this type of pleasure. But soon as Robin started to pulled down Lizzie's nightie she quickly stopped him.

"Alright this is as far as it goes." said Lizzie.

"But Lizzie don't you me to be your first?" asked Robin.

"Yes but the problem is you're getting married soon and I'm not doing this until I'm married. So you need to leave before my dad walks in here and kill you." said Lizzie.

Then Robin was rubbing Lizzie's legs. Lizzie was being seduced and fallen head over heels.

"Lizzie we both need to lying to ourselves we need together. said Robin as he snatched off Lizzie's nightie.

'Lizzie was stunned as she and Robin was about to make love. Just when Robin got on top of Lizzie, Lizzie heard a loud voice...Lizzie woke up from her dream as Cassie barged in screaming.

"Cassie what the hell?" shocked Lizzie.

"Where are they?" angered Cassie.

"Where's what?" irritated Lizzie.

"You know what I mean. Wears my high heels." angered Cassie.

" I don't know what you're talking about." said Lizzie.

"You know damn good &well know what I'm talking about." yelled Cassie.

"No I don't." said Lizzie.

"Lizzie you're always talking my shoes and clothes without asking. Even though we have that discussion before when you took my dress." said Cassie.

"I haven't touched any of your clothes. Especially your shoes." said Lizzie.

Cassie went in Lizzie's closet and started tossing Lizzie's shoes and clothes all over the floor.

"Cassie what are you doing stopped it?" irritated Lizzie.

"I know you got my favorite heels and if I find out my shoes are in your closet you so not going to live to see your next birthday." snapped Cassie.

Cassie was pulling out Lizzie clothes, her basketball jerseys, her old uniform when she to that special private school and then she found an old picture of Robin.

"Lizzie what on earth are you doing with this picture? Oh my God have you been licking that ewwww." grossed out Cassie.

Lizzie was embarrassed.

Then Cassie looked at Lizzie's face.

"Lizzie is that make up you're wearing. Why do you have all that make up on? You looked like a circus clown." laughed Cassie.

Soon Jenn walked in.

What's going on? I here all this yelling & shouting And what is these clothes doing on the floor? angered Jenn.

"Mom Lizzie took my favorite high heels & I know she tooked them because Lizzie is always taking my things without asking especially we have this convocation before." angered Cassie.

"I keep telling Cassie I didn't take her stupid shoes." said Lizzie.

"You see she's lying." said Cassie.

" I am not" snapped Lizzie.

"Your favorite high heels...Uhhh Cassie were you talking about these high heels? asked Jenn as she showed Cassie the tarnished & broken high heels.


"Well your father was going out to dinner the other night and I couldn't find any of my shoes to match my dress so I went to borrow yours. I was going to ask but you were over at Charles and I didn't want to disturb you two while you were studying for finals." said Jenn.

"But how did you messed them up?

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:57 pm

"Well you father and I was out on the dance floor and the music was playing very fast. I forgot that those weren't dancing shoes...sorry Cassie lol. I will buy your a new pair of high heels." said Jenn.

"It's okay mom but now I have no shoes to wear to the graduation." said Cassie.

"Wear you old sandals." said Jenn.

"Mom my sandals are old and worn out. I can't wear those." whined Cassie.

"Cassie you will be wearing your new dress. No one will recognize your shoes. Besides I think you owe your sister an apology for...wait a minute...just wait just a minute!!!!! Lizzie why aren't you dressed? And why do you have on all that make up? shocked Jenn.

"Mom now don't changed the subject. You were getting to the part where you were going to make Cassie apologize." said Lizzie.

"I should make you clean this room. It's a mess. Now you puts clothes on and washed this make up off right this minute young lady. You looked like a circus clown with that messed on." said Jenn walking out of the room.

"I told you." laughed Cassie.

Lizzie was upset and humiliated that she layed across the bed and cried. Meanwhile back at the Antoni mansion. Charles was sending Cassie a text message letting her know that he was on his way to pick her & the twins up. Suddenly he received a disturbing text message from Bill. Ever since the incident with Gisselle in the showers. Gisselle told Bill a bold face lied on Charles and now Bill want to kill Charles so has been him death threats which is making Charles worried.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:29 am

Meanwhile back on the ship Robin and Lulu was resting after they stayed up all night making love. Robin woke up and Lulu laying his chest peacefully. Robin held her and started daydreaming about their future together & how Robin wants to be the best dad ever. A better dad than his father. Robin was also hoping he will have a big family like one of those old family sitcoms like the Partridge Family or the Cosby Show. Robin was really excited. Then the music was playing and it woke Lulu up. The music was sounded familiar.

"Robin sweetheart do you have left the radio on again?" asked Lulu.

"Of course not you kicked my radio off the bed while we were both getting freaking last night. You know you looked a lot sexier when you are pregnant." said Robin as he kissed Lulu's shoulders down to her back.

"Robin stopped! Where is that music coming from?" Lulu wondered.

The Lulu realized what that music was. It was the graduation music. Lulu then realize she and Robin have both overslept.

"ROBIN WHAT TIME IS IT?" shouted Lulu.

"I don't know! Let me look at my watch." said Robin.

Lulu quickly grabbed Robin's wrist and saw it 10:00am. Her and Robin were both valedictorian and they were suppose to be there an half hour ago.


"Wait a minutes your parents? I thought you said you and your folks are on bad terms." confused Robin.

"We are but I was able to convenience them to come. I want to show them what a great person you are and I wasn't wasting my time with them. Plus I want get my father back on his good side again. Ever since he found out I was engaged to you and I became pregnant he haven't spoken a word to me. He wouldn't even look at me and mom think I am a disgrace and I brought shame to the family. I want to prove them wrong." cried Lulu.

"Don't worry we will! We still have time." said Robin.

"Robin we have to wash up. I haven't done my hair , Iron my cap and gown. OMG I haven't even done my nails. We don't have time." panic Lulu.

"Lulu chill! We just quickly wash up get dressed throw on our cap and gown and rush out there to join the rest. Nothing can go wrong." said Robin.

"You're right! Where's our dressed clothes?" asked Lulu.

"It's hanging next to the big porthole. Whew it's getting hot let me open the open the porthole to get some air." said Robin.

"ROBIN WAIT DON'T OPEN IT!" warned Lulu but it was too late. Both their dress clothes flew out into the sea.

"Oops" said Robin feeling foolish.

Lulu was pissed!

"STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" snapped Lulu as she beat Robin with a pillow.

"Lulu calmed down! All this anger is not good for the baby." said Robin.

"Robin we are going to missed our graduation and it's all your fault." said Lulu as she was getting emotional.

"No we are not!" We can still make it." said Robin.

"Robin I am not going out there and give a speech butt naked." snapped Lulu.

"Who said anything about us going out there butt naked?" asked Robin.

"What?" frustrated Lulu.

"We still have our cap and gowns." said Robin as he gave Lulu her cap and gown.

Meanwhile at the graduation ceremony the class all marching down the aisle [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] The Suttons watched as the class came in. Soon Monica arrived a few minutes.

"Hey!" said Jenn.

"Hey sorry I'm late car troubles! Have a missed anything. Where's my baby at? I got my new digital camera last week and I'm ready to take pictures of my baby." said excited Monica.

"You haven't missed a thing. You came just in time but I haven't seen Robin yet." laughed Eddie.

"Yeah and I don't see Lulu either. Aren't those two suppose to be valedictorians?" asked Jenn.

"Yeah! They shouldn't be late. I hope nothing happen to those two." said Eddie.

"I hope not either. I paid a lot of money for this camera. I want to get my money's worth." said Monica.

"I take it you are excited about your son?" asked Jenn.

"Very! I'm really proud of him. Despite minor setback Robin has really come a long way." said Monica.

"I know! You got a good son. We are all happy that we have gotten to known him. He has really grown to become a good man." said Eddie.

Meanwhile Charles, Cassie, and Lizzie are trying to see if Robin and Lulu walked in yet.

"You guys see them yet?" asked Cassie.

"Nope not a sign of them." said Charles.

"Mommy I'm tired! said Kalie.

"Me too! When are we going home?" asked Colin.

"As soon as the ceremony is over now shush." said Cassie.

Then suddenly Charles and Cassie spotted Lulu's parent sitting across the aisle.

"Charles look! Are those Lulu's parents?" asked Cassie.

"I guessed!" said Charles.

"They look so cold hearted." said Cassie.

"Cassie all these old Asian people looked like that." said Charles.

Cassie elbowed Charles.

"Owww! What was that for?" asked Charles.

"How could you them stereotyped like that? asked Cassie.

"Hey it's not like I said Chinese and Japanese look alike." said Charles.

Cassie rolled her eyes.

Then Charles got another disturbing text message from Bill. And saying he will cut off his manhood when catch him. Charles quickly turned off his cell. Cassie saw Charles with a frightful looked on his face like something has spooked him.

"Charles is everything okay?" concerned Cassie.

"Everything is cool beautiful! Lied Charles.

Soon finally Robin and Lulu arrived.

"Hurried Lulu it's the music is almost over." said Robin.

"I'm hurrying!" said Lulu as ran barefooted.

"Here's your high heels." said Robin.

"Thanks! You don't think anyone will notice?" asked Lulu as she put her high heels on.

"Lulu trust me we got on our cap and gowns. No one will expect a thing." said Robin.

"Robin you better go ahead! I'll catch up." said Lulu.

"Okay! Love you!" said Robin.

"Love you too." said Lulu as she and Robin kissed.

As Robin walked down the aisle everyone was cheering for him including Monica as she was snapping pictures of Robin. Soon Lulu walked down. She was walking proud but little does she knows that Lulu her back of her gown is unzipped and everyone saw her bare backside. Everyone was shocked and speechless. Lulu's parents froze in shocked.

"Oh My God!" said Cyd.

"Baby got back for an Asian girl." said Nate.

Cyd elbowed Nate. Monica dropped her new digital camera.

"Damn she gotta nice ass!" said Tay.

Eddie slapped Tay across his head.

Colin screamed out bootified but Lizzie quickly cover his mouth.

"Tay I should kill you for teaching my son that language." said Cassie.

"Don't look at me Lizzie is one with the Beyoncé and JLo's butt." said Tay.

Lizzie punched Tay.

"Alright that's enough out of you kids." said Eddie.

"Don't you think someone need to say something?" asked Jenn.

"Let's try to pretend didn't see that." said Monica.

"Why on Earth is Lulu naked under that gown?" asked Jenn.

"I don't even want to know." said Eddie (smh)


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:35 am

Very good very good,i could see Eddie face when he said i don't even want to know Laughing keep it coming,please don't let their gowns fly open or up.Good one

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:28 am

Soon Robin & Lulu went up on the platform to give their speech. The Headmaster saw Lulu's bare backside. He was in shocked that Lulu was in her birthday suit underneath her gown. The class was shocked as well as they was staring at Lulu's bare butt. Most of them was snapping pictures with cell phone and many recording Lulu's ass.

"This is so going on youtube." said one of the class.

"I'm putting this on my facebook & instagram." laughed the other class.

Tawanna was disgusted what she is hearing & seeing so she was trying to figure a way to Robin attention so she can tell him to cover Lulu up. But Robin and Lulu was busy giving their valedictorian speeches. Robin gave a passionate & emotional speech about leaving growing & evolving through the years. As Robin gave his speech Cassie was remembering the time when she and Robin first met. She was at the hospital pregnant with twins & Robin was blind. He spent most of his time at the hospital. Cassie when she first met Robin she was really depressed and she was really nasty to Robin not knowing he was blind. The two eventually became friends & they both shared a very special bond. Robin was able to help Cassie to get through her difficult pregnancy & Cassie helped Robin to get through his operation to get his sight back. Cassie remember both good times & bad times with Robin. Cassie also remember both her and Robin secretly & revealing having feelings for one another which went too far which got them into trouble. Cassie almost lost Charles and Robin almost lost respect from the Sutton family. Despite the misfortune Robin showed what a true friend he was not only to Cassie but to Lizzie as well. Charles also remember when he didn't trust Robin and the two were enemies & at times wanted to kill Robin. Charles also remember how much Robin used to get under his skinned that drove him to the hospital. But surprisinglythe two ended up becoming buddies. He also remember how happily him, Cassie, Robin, Lulu, Lizzie & Dana were all living together in their summer beach house. Lizzie also remember her friendship with Robin. Lizzie remember that Robin got her through a rough time in her life and the two became buddies. The two would hang out and play basketball and always grabbed something to eat afterwards. Lizzie love telling Robin her problems and Robin give her great advice. Lizzie best memories when she went as Robin's date to the senior prom. It was a dream come true for Lizzie since she has a crush on him. Lizzie suddenly feel sadden because Robin is going to marry Lulu. Lizzie was puzzled and wondering has she really falling in love with Robin? Because all she think about is Robin lately. Soon the Suttons family and Dana were all flashing back to their time with Robin [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
After Robin finished his speech everyone gave him a round of applause including Cassie which she was in tears. Then it was Lulu turn to give her second half of the speech. The class was still staring and taking pictures of Lulu's bare ass. Tawanna finally throw a paper at Robin to get his attention. She missed at first but Tawanna finally got Robin the second time. Robin turned around.

"Owww!!!!! What The Hell?!?!!" whispered Robin.

Tawanna was pointing & telling Robin to look at Lulu's backside.

Robin was confused so he looked and he was shocked the Lulu back gown wasn't zipped and guys was drooling, taking pictures & recording her backside and some of the guys were even playing themselves. Robin balled his fist at them.

"I'm gonna whooped y'all asses if you don't put those damn cameras away." threatened Robin.

"And I will helped Robin so don't make me get ugly." warned Tawanna.

"Baby you are an hour passed ugly." laughed one of the student.

"Oh I can get ugly I will beat you white narrow ass now you messed with me my girl." snapped Tawanna.

The other students quickly pulled Tawanna and told her to calm down while the male students quickly put away their cell phones and cameras fearing of what Tawanna may do to them.

"That's what I thought." said Tawanna.

"Thanks T" said Robin.

"Anytime!" said Tawanna.

While Lulu continue to give her speech Robin slowly try to reach to Lulu's zipped gown. He slowly zipped Lulu's gown up but it got up to her butt cheeks and the zippers was stuck. Robin tried to fixed it. Lulu soon felt Robin's hand on her butt thinking he was playing around and she got annoyed that she slapped his hand telling him to stopped. Lulu finally finished her speech and everyone applaud. Later one The Headmaster was handing out their diplomas. They called Tawanna name everyone in her family was screaming and clapping.


"Control yourself woman!" said Tawanna's father.

Tawanna was totally embarrassed.

"No I know where you get your personality lol." laughed Robin.

"Don't make me hurt your from your momma." said Tawanna.

The Headmaster called Lulu's name and she got her diploma. Everyone cheered for Lulu.

"Way to go Lulu Whoo!" screamed Casse.

"You go girl!" said Lizzie.

Everyone was cheering for Lulu except for her parents who are disgusted by Lulu dating Robin and being naked under her gown. Lulu was hurt & upset that her parent didn't clapped for her.

Soon Robin named was being called and everyone on the ship was screaming cheering and chanting his name.

"Proud of you son!" said The Headmaster.

"That's my baby That's my only child!" screamed Monica.

"No that's our child!" said Eddie.

"What's" laughed Monica.

"Well he's a close friend to the family so you & him are honorary Suttons." said Eddie.

Monica smile and touched by the comment.

Cassie was in tears when Robin got his diploma and he was received a full scholarship.

"Mommy why are you crying? asked one of the twins.

"Because I'm very happy sweetheart." cried Cassie as she hugged one of the twins.

Soon The Headmaster gave his own speech and wrapped it up.

"Class congratulations! Ladies and Gentlemen I now present you the class of ocean sea highschool." said The Headmaster

The class through their caps in the air but the wind was getting strong and blew Lulu's gown off of her and she was completely naked.

One of the terachers screamed!

Everyone got quiet quickly as everyone stared at Lulu. Lulu tried to cover herself but it was too late. Lulu was embarrassed & humiliated. Robin saw the shame and hurt in Lulu's eyes so he walked up to her.

"You know it makes no sense for you to be the only one naked." said Robin as he removed his gown & exposed his nakedness in front of everyone.

Monica fainted!

"Robin what the hell are you doing?" shocked Lulu.

"Hey if John Lennon and Yoko Ono can be naked in public so can we." said Robin as he grabbed and gave Lulu a passionate kiss.

Soon everyone saw Robin and Lulu kissing realizes how much they love each other and not caring what other ppl think everyone started cheering for them including Chassie.

"Those two are brave!" said Cyd.

"So you think we should be naked in public?" asked Nate.

"HELL NO!" said Cyd.

Lulu start feel comfortable being in Robin's arm. She almost forgot about being in her birthday suit but it was short lived when she saw her parents in disgust and the two stormed out of the ship. Lulu ran up to them.

"Mom! Dad!" yelled Lulu.

Lulu's mom looked at her & slapped her.

"I such ashamed to call you my daughter right now." said Lulu's mom.

"I'm not sure who you are anymore." anger Lulu's dad.

The two of them left! Lulu was hurt that she ran to her cabin crying.


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:24 am

wow! that was a lot of writing! thanks for all of those "memories" in Robin's speech. a lot of that stuff I had TOTALLY forgotten -- even that Robin was blind in the beginning! I have to look at the youtube video at another time but I will. thanks again batman642. peace out!

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:00 pm

thanks for update ,really enjoy the reading

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:06 pm

just watched the friends forever youtube video. lyrics and promo. great song! kinda sad....

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:10 pm

Thanks Candygwen & Just4us! I will update more soon.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:36 pm

Cassie went after Lulu. Robin quickly put his robe back on & checked on his mom. Monica was to distraughted from what she saw.

"Mom are you alright?" asked Robin.

"I fine just fine...I just need to go somewhere & rest. Robin sweetie I love you but sometime you're really something else." said Monica.

"Sorry mom! But I love you Lulu. I have to do something." said Robin.

"Robin it's best that you check on Lulu & see how she is doing. We'll take care of your mother." said Jenn.

"Alright but can you do me this one favor & please talk to Lulu's parents? They are really hard on her...with the engagement & the pregnancy." said Robin.

"Robin they are upset that their little is pregnant by you at a young age. said Jenn.

"I know that but it's much deeper than that." said Robin.

"How deep?" asked Eddie.

"Well Lulu's folks aren't mad because I got their daughter pregnant. They're upset because...I'm not Asian like them. It gotten so bad that they no longer considering Lulu's their daughter anymore." said Robin.

"Oh I see!" said Jenn.

"I don't know Robin...why us?" asked Eddie.

"Because you handle things well when Cassie got involve with Charles. And Cassie told me that you weren't too crazy about Charles at first but you accepted him. said Robin.

"To be perfectly honest there are times that I am still not crazy about that boy." said Eddie.

"Eddie!!!!!! Don't mind him. Eddie is just kidding." said Jenn.

"(Sigh) As much as it pains me to say but Mrs. Sutton is right I grew a liking to Charles over the years." said Eddie.

"So you two will talk some sense into Lulu's folks?" asked excited Robin.

"Yes we will talk to them" said Jenn.

"Yeah we'll try but don't expect any miracles. Unfortunately there are people are not open minded like we are. It's just something you have to learn to accept." said Eddie.

"I understand & thanks this means a lot." said Robin as he hugged Eddie & Jenn.

"Haha anytime now go & check on Lulu. Mr. Graduate." said Eddie.

"Yeah I really hope we can get talk some sense to them. Lulu's parent doesn't seem to be the most open minded people." said Jenn.

"We have to try Jenn for Robin & Lulu's sake." said Eddie.

Meanwhile Tay was watching Lizzie play with her cellphone. Tay try to look over to see what Lizzie was doing. Lizzie quickly turned around.

"Tay what are you doing?" asked Lizzie as she hid her cell phone behind her back.

"Dang just seeing what you are doing?" asked Tay.

"If you must know I'm texting Andrew." lied Lizzie.

"Then why are you hiding your cell then?" asked Tay.

"Because it's private & it's none of your business. So will you not stand so close to me?You're creepin' me out!" annoyed Lizzie.

" I'll be so glad when Andrew gets back. You are a lot less crankier when he's around." said Tay.

As soon Tay left, Lizzie pulled out her cell.

"Whew I though he will never leave." said Lizzie.

Turns out Lizzie has taken photos of Robin in his birthday suit. Lizzie was turned on.

"Omg what a body. I really want to have his babies. This is so going on my screen savor." giggled Lizzie.

Meanwhile back at the cabin Lulu was in her bath robe crying while Cassie was consoling her.

"Lulu please try to cheer up it is not the end of the world." said Cassie.

"Cassie my mother just slapped me in front of everybody. My folks aren't even speaking to me. My life is falling apart." said Lulu.

"Give them time. They will come around soon." said Cassie.

"But for how long? They won't even talk to me." said Lulu.

"Look my dad wasn't to crazy about Charles at first. I fought for Charles. I fought for us. It took some time but my eventually came around & accepted him." said Cassie.

"That was different Cassie. Your parents didn't resented you nor disowned you as a daughter. My parents want nothing to do with me because of Robin." cried Lulu.

Soon Robin walked in.

"Hey my two beautiful angels." said Robin.

"Robin please go & leave me alone for awhile." cried Lulu.

"Oh no you're not getting rid of me that easy. We are going to get through this." said Robin.

"That just it. I'm not sure if I can get through this." said Lulu.

"What are you talking about?" asked Robin.

"Yeah what are you trying to say?" asked Cassie.

"I think it's best that we called the wedding off for now. Cassie & Charles can still have your wedding. I think it's better for us to wait awhile." said Lulu.

"What!?!!" shocked Robin.


"Calm down Cassie. I got this. Lulu we've been through this before. I want to be with you. I can't live my life without you. I love you." said Robin.

"I know that Robin! I Love You Too! But I need my parents support & without my parents support I'm not sure if I can go through with this." said Lulu.

"Lulu you still got us. Me, Cassie, Charles, Dana, my mom etc. You got a whole a lot of support." said Robin.

"Robin's right plus you two are going to be parents soon." said Cassie.

"Thanks I appreciate that but it just not the same. Here's your ring back Robin.

"No way Lulu! You keep that ring. You are not going to get rid of me that easy. Look Lulu I promise you everything is going to be alright." I know it. You just have to believe me." said Robin as he place the engagement ring back on Lulu's finger.

"Are you sure?' asked Lulu unconvinced.

"I know sure. Lulu I promise I won't let anyone & anything hurt you." said Robin.

Lulu into Robin's eye and realize he was telling the truth. The two hugged while Cassie was tear eyed.

Charles was overhearing the conversation.

"Wow he really does care about Lulu....What am I doing? I'm still worried that Robin try to take Cassie away from me again. Me and Robin are buddies now. However I can't take any chances. I got to make sure that his eyes is really on Lulu. You know what they say keep your friends close & your enemies a lot closer." said Charles to himself.

Suddenly Charles got another disturbing text message from Bill. Saying you're a dead man. As soon as I get a hold of you I'm going to cut off you testicles & eat it raw.

Charles doesn't know whether to ignore it or go to Eddie for help.


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:48 pm

thanks, batman642! nice job Very Happy

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:54 pm

Good one batman,thanks

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:41 am

Later that night Charles was having trouble sleeping. He finally asleep however he was starting have nightmares about Bill and Giselle. Meanwhile Dana was heading upstairs after her midnight snack she suddenly heard Charles screaming Dana ran to Charles room to calm him down.

"Charles are you alright?" asked Dana.

"I'm fine Dana! Just another bad dream." said Charles.

"Is one of those bad dream has anything to do with Bill?" asked Charles.

"No, No, No!!!!!! I just thinking about my wedding day with Cassie. I'm probably getting cold feet I guess haha" lied Charles.

"Umm Huh! Yeah right! Charles I know you for quite awhile now and I know when you are not telling truth. Because out of all the lies I have heard this is the worst. Bill stalking isn't he? asked Dana.

"Yes!" answered Charles.

"My God! How long has this been going on?" asked Dana.

Charles hesitated to answered.

"Charles please I want to help you." said Dana.

"Dana with all do respect I can take care of myself." said Charles.

"Not when your life is endanger. Now tell me....Tell me or I'll tell your mother." warned Dana.

"Alright but keep it down! I don't want my mom to know. You know how she gets." said Charles.

"She has to know at some point. Marla is dating him." said Dana.

"Alright this whole thing been going on for almost a month now." said Charles.

"A MONTH!?!!!" shocked Dana.

"Shhh almost a month." said Charles.

"Oh hell no...MARLA!!!!" yelled Dana.

Charles covered Dana mouth.

"Dana no please don't...please lower your voice." panicked Charles.

"Charles that guy is crazy." snapped Dana.

"Yeah so is his niece." said Charles.

"I'm going to put a stop this before this gets out of hand." said Dana.

"Dana I can handle this." said Charles.

"Oh like you handled your step father Mack? Or you handle everything when Cassie got kidnapped in Hawaii?" said Dana sarcastically.

"Dana that's not fair." said Charles.

"What's not fair is your life being in danger and you keeping things from everything and I hate being dragged into this." said Dana.

"You got a better idea?" asked Charles.

"Yes like it or not tomorrow I am going talk to Eddie about this so he can stop to this. Don't worry I won't let Marla know but I will going to see if Eddie convinced Bill not to see her anymore. This guy is dangerous and mentally ill. And if that doesn't work you are going put your big boy draws on & tell Marla everything or I'm going do it do I make myself clear?" asked Dana.

"Alright fine whatever!!!!!" said Charles.

"I'm not playing around Charles. This is crazy! I didn't signed up for this." said Dana.

"Okay do what you have to do." said Charles.

"Okay try to get some sleep. I will handle everything tomorrow." said Dana.

Dana hugged and Kiss Charles tonight & left the room. The next day Dana called Eddie and explain what been going on.

"Eddie I'm really worry about Charles. You have to put a stop to this before someone gets hurt." said Dana.

"Are you sure about this. I want to help but I really need solid proof that Bill is doing all this." said Eddie.

"I got Charles cell phone. There's are over 50 text messages from Bill. These text messages are sick and disturbing." said Dana.

"Have you told Marla about this?" asked Eddie.

"I want to but Charles insist that I shouldn't." said Dana.

"Well she has to fine out at some point." said Eddie.

"Look I just don't know what to do anymore." said Dana.

"Look drop cell phone at my place and I will take a look. And what you are saying is true then I will pay Bill a visit." said Eddie.

"I hope plan on brining handcuffs and a warrant." said Dana.

"I might but I'm going to have a very serious talk." said Eddie.

Soon Dana arrived over at the Sutton household and showed Eddie the text messages. Eddie was shock and disgusted of what he had read.

"Oh my God and I thought Mack was bad. I would never expect this sort of thing from Bill." said Eddie.

"Me either! Eddie you have got to do something Charles life is in danger. There is no telling what he might do." said Dana.

"Alright I will go and talk with him." said Eddie.

"Talk? This guy needs to be put behind bars." said Dana.

"Dana it doesn't work like that. I need to head over get his side of the story. This sort could be taking out of context." said Eddie.

"Context my ass!" said Dana.

"Dana what is wrong with you? I never see you act this crazy before." said Eddie.

"Alright I should've told you this but I'm really worry about Charles. Awhile ago when Charles was heading back to his apartment Bill broke in and assaulting him. Bill was the one who bruised Charles ribs." said Dana.

"Why didn't Charles say anything?" asked Eddie.

"Eddie you know how Charles is. He wants to do everything himself not knowing he is in over his head." said Dana.

"Alright I'm going head over Bill right now and have a serious talk." said Eddie.

Soon Cassie walked in.

"Bill what about him? Hey Dana." said Cassie.

"Cassie this is a private conversation." said Eddie.

"Private conversation? What's going on with Bill and I also heard you mentioned Charles." said Cassie being suspicious.

"Cassie please go upstairs take care of your twins." said Eddie.

"But Dad!" whined Cassie.

"Cassandra please do what I say." said Eddie.

Cassie stormed back upstairs.

Come on lets pay Bill a visit.


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:41 pm

good! this one reminds me more of the "old" LH. good drama and suspense instead of all the smut. me no like smut....

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Sat Jun 06, 2015 5:30 am

Moments later Eddie and Dana hop into the car & head over to Bill's house. Meanwhile was at home developing pictures of Marla.

"As perfect as this picture is this will never match Marla's beauty up close and personal." said Bill to himself.

Suddenly Bill heard the doorbell ring. Bill answered the door.

"Who is it?" asked Bill.

"Its me Officer Sutton." said Eddie.

"And Dana you better open this damn door." interrupted Dana.

"Dana please let me handled this." said Eddie.

"Alright...but I warning you Eddie if you don't fixed this I will." snapped Dana.

"I don't know whose worst you or Jenn." said Eddie.

Bill opened the door.

"Hey Eddie, Dana! What brings you two into the neighborhood?" asked Bill.

"We need to talk." said Eddie in a serious tone.

"Okay." confused Bill.

The two walked in. Dana was giving Bill a mean stare.

"You two mind telling me what's going on?" confused Bill.

"You know what this is about?" said Eddie.

"I'm afraid I have no idea what you are talking about." said Bill.

"You know damn good and well what he's talking about you two face bastard." snapped Dana as got in Bill's face.

"Dana please control yourself." said Eddie as he pulled Dana back.

"I take it this is serious." said Bill.

"This is very serious." said Eddie.

"Is this has anything to do with Marla?" asked Bill.

"Close, it's has everything to do with her son Charles. And I want to know where do you get off harassing and assaulting Marla's son?' asked Eddie.

"Whoa wait a minute! Where is all this coming from? Because I did no such thing." denied Bill.

Then Dana got up and snapped "Why you lying sack of...Then Eddie quickly stopped and interrupted "DANA!!!!!".

"You need to put her on a leash or something." said Bill.

"Watch it! You're in enough trouble already." said Eddie.

"Looked I don't know what you are talking about but I have never lay hands on Charles nor I broke into his apartment & beat him up." said Bill.

"Who said that you broke into Charles apartment? All I say was you harassing and assaulting Charles." said Eddie.

Bill was stunned that he gave himself away.

"What were you doing at Charles apartment?" asked Eddie.

"Did I say I was at Charles apartment? I meant I paid him surprise visit." lied Bill.

"Funny I don't ever recall Charles giving you his keys to his apartment. The only ppl Charles made keys to is his mother and my daughter Cassie. You and Marla are not that serious." said Eddie.

:"And even if you two were she would never give you her keys to her son apartment. So that makes you a liar." said Dana.

"I can't believe this. I thought we were friends?" shocked Bill.

"I thought we were friends to until I found out you were using this boy as a punching bag and him these type of text messages...looks familiar?" asked Eddie as he should him the text messages Bill have sent text messages.

"Don't denied it because it's your number and oh yes we also heard you voice messages on the cell. Play it Eddie." said Dana.

Eddie played the message.

Bill froze as he got exposed.

"You know you maybe a great photographer and a good man to Marla but you a sick person and a lousy liar." said Eddie.

"Well maybe if that boy would leave my niece alone I wouldn't have to do that crap." snapped Bill.

"Giselle is just as crazy as you are." said Dana.

"What?" said Eddie.

"Oh no the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She has been stalking Charles and making his life a living nightmare. Both of them are not running on a full tank." said Dana.

"That's my niece you are talking about?" anger Bill.

"Well maybe you need to put her in a nut house. Because that bitch is crazy." said Dana.

"That's enough Dana!" said Eddie.

"Sutton you better control that friend of yours before I take are of her myself." said Eddie.

"You're not going to put your hands on Dana that's for damn sure. And you sure as hell are not going to put your hand on Charles again either." said Eddie.

"You know what all of a sudden I don't like your attitude Cop!" angered Bill.

"Sir you better be lucky I don't arrest you and your niece and have Charles to press charges." said Eddie.

"I think it's about time that you & that two dollar whore to leave." said Bill.

"Wha..hold up what did you just say. What did you just call me?" shocked Dana.

"Oh come on don't act like a saint. Everyone on the street knows you used to tick for a living. My friends say you really know how to make their day. I just hope you make my day one day." said Bill as blew her kiss.

Dana was furious that she took off her shoes jumped on Bill and started beating on him.

"YOU NO GOOD SICK SON OF BTICH I HATE YOU!!!!!!" screamed Dana as she was throwing punches.

Eddie quickly grabbed Dana and told her to get in the car and calm down.

"Aren't you going to arrest her? She assaulted me." snapped Bill.

"You are really testing me right now." said Eddie.

"I think it's time for you to leave." said Bill.

"Be glad to and just to make sure you don't lose your entire" said Eddie as he handed Bill the papers.

"What the hell is this?" asked Bill.

"it's a restraining order. You don't come no where near Charles and you definitely don't come near Dana either." said Eddie.

"You know you for someone who suppose to be friends you seem to care more about that slutty whore than your own wife." said Bill.

Then Eddie slammed Bill against the wall.


"You know still going to see Marla. said Bill.

"As far as you & Marla are concerned you two are history. Have a good evening sir." said Eddie as he left.

Bill was furious and humiliated about what has happened to him and started tearing up the house and his little room studio.

"THAT BASTARD CHARLES RUINED MY LIFE...HE'S DEAD...HE IS REALLY DEAD!!!!!!" said Bill as he saw a photo of Charles and Cassie.

Bill pulled out knife & stabbed the picture of Charles face against the wall. Bill's face was red and his veins on his forehead was popping out. He was full of rage.

Meanwhile Robin was spending a day with Lizzie. The two was shopping for graduations gifts for Chassie and they the two also was buying baby toys for Robin and Lulu upcoming baby. Robin was excited about being a father he didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl he was looking forward to being a parent and a husband. As the two shop Robin notices Lizzie was very quiet and she looked depressed.

"Is everything okay shorty? You're awfully quiet."" said Robin.

"I'm okay." said Lizzie very quietly.

"You sure?" asked Robin.

"Sure!" said Lizzie.

Lizzie was quiet and depressed because one Andrew hasn't been returning her phone calls and she thought about the great time she had with Robin during the prom but realizes she will never on another date with him because he's getting married and about to become a father. Lizzie also fear that once Robin tied the knot that he will forget about her and stop being there for her.

"I wish was pregnant with Robin's baby. What am I saying I'm dating Andrew but I can't stop thinking about Robin. I guess prom night meant nothing to him. What's wrong with me? Lulu is my best friend but oh my God this can't be happening but I think I might be falling in love with Robin." Lizzie said to herself.


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:32 am

Wow, bill don't know how to quit while he's ahead, huh? And as for Lizzie....home girl has too much time on her hands, lol. Thanks for the ff batman642

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by just4us2 on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:18 pm

Lizzie please forget about Robin.Bill done gone crazy.Batman take Robin off lizzie mind.

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by batman642 on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:23 pm

Robin soon realized he might be getting cold feet & afraid to making that step & becoming a father, he also realize that Lizzie is too young for him, so he quickly snapped out of it. Went back to looking for Chassie's graduation gift.

"Man I can't find anything in this store (sigh). Lizzie we may as well get Charles & Cassie a gift card. It's cheap but at least with a gift they can buy what they want. Of course knowing them we've better buy them some rubbers." laughed Robin.

Lizzie stared at Robin with a serious look on her face.

"Okay I know that was uncall for...bad joke sorry." said Robin humorously.

Then Lizzie broke down crying.

"Lizzie what's joke wasn't that bad." said Robin as comfort Lizzie.

"I'm sorry Robin it just that I missed Andrew so much. I tried calling, texting, & emailing him but he wouldn't return my calls." cried Lizzie.

"Aww shorty he's probably too busy enjoying himself at camp." said Robin as he comforting Lizzie.

"You don't think he forgot me do you?" asked Lizzie.

"Of course not Don't be silly." said Robin

"But Robin what if he seeing another girl?" asked Lizzie.

"Lizzie you're being ridiculous. Give a guy a break. You starting to act like Charles when Cassie was away in New York." said Robin.

"I'm that bad?" asked Lizzie.

"Yep! Look you will hear from Andrew soon. If he cares about you as much as you care about him he'll call back." said Robin.

"You think so?" said Lizzie.

"I know so." said Robin.

"Thanks Robin! I'm so glad you're my friend Robin." said Lizzie.

"I'm glad you're my friend too shorty." said Robin.

"I'm so comfortable being around you. I mean you always know the right thing to say." said Lizzie as she give Robin a passionate kiss on the lips.

Robin suddenly realize what Lizzie was doing so he quickly stopped her before it got out of hand.

"Whoa Whoa Whoa! What are you doing? I thought we left that back at prom?' shocked Robin.

"I thought you say we were friends?' shocked Lizzie.

"Yeah but not that friendly. Lizzie I'm engaged remember. Plus you got a boyfriend you were thinking about a few minutes ago. What is wrong with you?" stunned Robin.

"I thought you like me." disappointed Lizzie.

"Lizzie I do like you. I like you a lot but only as a friend nothing else." said Robin.

"I'm sorry Robin. I'm so embarrass right now." said Lizzie.

"I knew something like this was going to happen. No you shouldn't apologizie. If anyone should apologize it should be me. I should've never kissed you at prom. I feel I have led you on to something that will never happen. I didn't think it will be that serious. Look Lizzie you are a terrific special girl. You have a lot going for you. You are going to make lucky guy happy if you & Andrew won't last. So throw your youth away just to be with me. You need to be with someone your own age. But I'm still going to be your friend and I'm also always going to be there for you no matter what understand?" explained Robin.

" still promise you won't stop being my friend?" asked Lizzie.

"Of course you my little buddy. And just between me & you, if you were a little bit older you would've been my wife now with lots of kids." said Robin.

Lizzie started to blush.

"You better not let Lulu hear you say that. She'll kill you." joked Lizzie as she and Robin bothed hugged.

"Come on you keep looking for Charles & Cassie a gift. I think we can both put our money together & get them a camcorder so they can drive the twins nuts." laughed Lizzie.

"Cool I'll catch up with you in a minute." said Robin.

"What are you doing?" asked Lizzie.

"I'm just going to make a quick phone call that's all." said Robin.

"Okay" said Lizzie as she went to the video section.

"And Robin it is time for you to finally grow up & start practicing what you preach starting right now." said Robin as called Andrew's mom.

"Hello...yeah can you please give me the number Andew's's Lizzie's friend it's real important." said Robin

Meanwhile a few days later it was graduation day for Charles and Cassie. At Sutton household Cassie was spending all morning trying to find what to wear to her graduation driving Lizzie and the twins crazy.

"Come on Lizzie which dress should I wear the purple or the violet?" asked Cassie.

Why should it matter? You are going to wear a cap and gown over it." said Lizzie.

"Lizzie I need to look right. I've been chosen to be valedictorian at the graduation." said Cassie.

"Why don't you just go naked like Robin and Lulu." laughed Lizzie.

"Do you want me to slap you?" annoyed Cassie.

Soon Tay barged in recording his camcorder.

"TAY WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! I'M NOT DECENT." snapped Cassie.

"Hey watch the language there kids present." said Tay.

"Tay what are you doing here? I'm getting dressed." annoyed Cassie.

"I just recording soon to be high school graduate with my new camcorder." said Tay.

"Then record it when I get my diploma." said Cassie.

"Lizzie do you have anything to say about our sister graduating?" asked Tay.

"Yeah you can get lost." said Lizzie.

"Now is that anyway to treat your recording superstar brother?" asked Tay.

"Let me think...yes" said Lizzie.

"Now you see how your Mother & your Aunt mistreat your uncle. Don't ever be mean like them." said Tay to the twins.

The Twins laugh.

"Tay I'm going to get even more vicious if you don't leave." said Cassie.

Soon Jenn came in the room.

"What's going on? Cassie why aren't you're dressed? We'll leave in the next hour." said Jenn.

"Mom I'm trying to find the right dress to wear at graduation; Lizzie is no help & Tay is driving me crazy." said Cassie.

"Alright whatever I know where I'm not wanted. Mom do you have anything to say?" asked Tay using the camcorder.

"Turn that off or you're grounded." said Jenn.

"Sure thing mom." said Tay as he left.

"Cassie hurry up before your father finish bringing all the fold up chairs for the relatives." said Jenn.

"They still coming! I thought you told him I've only have a certain amount of tickets." said Cassie.

"I did told him but you know how your father is. Our first born graduating and going to college. We are so proud of you." said Jenn.

"Thanks mom!" said Cassie as she and Jenn both hugged.

Lizzie took a picture of the two.

"Lizzie!" shocked Jenn.

"Hey this is a moment. I just have to take this picture." laughed Lizzie.

Soon the cell phone rang. Cassie answered it & it was Charles.

"Hey Beautiful." answered Charles.

"Charles" greeted Cassie.

"Alright don't stay on that phone too long Cassandra. And Lizzie you come downstairs with me." said Jenn.

"Yeah and the twins." said Cassie.

"Wow sometimes I feel like I'm that raising the twins instead of you." said Lizzie as she picked the twins.

"Hey Charles whatsup!" said Cassie.

"I just want to say good morning to the most beautiful valedictorian in the world." said Charles.

"Awww thank you! I can't stay on the phone long. I'm getting dressed." said Cassie.

"Cassie graduation starts in hour what's the hold up?" asked Charles.

"I couldn't find anything to wear." said Cassie.

"Why don't you just go naked like Robin & Lulu." joked Charles.

"Alright this joke is starting to old fast." said Cassie.

"Okay then put on my favorite purple dress. You know that turns me on." said Charles.

"Charles any dress turns you on." laughed Cassie.

"I know but as soon as we get to our new home after our graduation party I want quickly remove that dress just to see your birthday suit." said Charles.

"You are so nasty. I have to go I can't keep my folks waiting." said Cassie.

"Alright see on the stage beautiful." said Charles.

"Love you" said Cassie.

"Love you" said Charles hanging up.

Charles was ready to go. He had on his cap in gown.

"Well I came in as a boy now time to leave out of here like a man." said Charles leaving his apartment.

But as soon as Charles opened the door. Bill was there.

"Bill what are you doing here?" shocked Charles.

"Surprised!" said Bill as punched out Charles.

Charles fell on the floor unconscious. As Bill dragged him to his trunk of car & drove off. As Sage looked out of the window.


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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

Post by Candygwen on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:06 pm

Wow reading that reminded me of the way Lincoln heights used to be! And what a dramatic conclusion! 2 Thumbs up

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Re: All New Write Your Own Lincoln Heights Episdoes

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