Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal" (Article Interview)

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Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal" (Article Interview)

Post by batman642 on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:40 pm

Magazine Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal"

Posted April 13, 2011 3:32 pm, Myron Grace, Editor, Fade Entertainment Magazine

Actress Erica Hubbard”Close and Personal”

Erica Hubbard (born January 2, 1979) is an American film and television actress and model. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago,

Myron Grace: In a few words who is Erica Hubbard?

Erica Hubbard: In a few words who is Erica Hubbard. Erica Hubbard is a Chicagoan, Born and raised in Chicago. I like to say I’m a Thespian, because I started off acting on the stage first. Last but not least I’m a fun loving girl.

Myron Grace: How did you get started?

Erica Hubbard: I started off in Chicago doing a lot of Theatre. Acting on stage I had no idea what I was doing. But, I went in on some auditions and I actually booked a stage play. I had one line to do on stage, and I remember that moment I did it and it was like a thrill. I said ooh I want to keep doing this. I went and did my one line at nine years old on stage and that’s how I started acting.

Myron Grace: What was your big break?

Erica Hubbard: My big break I would say far as film “Save the Last Dance” when I filmed that in Chicago it help me and help other people see who I was as an actress. They was like she just did this film and it made $60 million in one weekend it help get in the doors easier and giving me more opportunity.

Myron Grace: What inspired you to have the courage to follow your dream?

Erica Hubbard: Well I gained a lot of my courage at Columbia College in Chicago. I took a lot of Theatre courses there. When you take Theatre courses at Columbia College you’re working with people from the Goodman’s Theatre, Steppenwolf, you’re working with people from Second City. All my teachers came from great organizations and that gave me the courage to pursue what I needed to pursue when I went out to Hollywood. I went to College at seventeen and I graduated at 20 years old. I graduated from College in three-years. I moved out to California and I had that courage from Columbia College.

Myron Grace: What was your break-out role in commercials?

Erica Hubbard: I would have to say McDonald’s. I did a lot of McDonald’s commercials. Everyone called and congratulated me. Everyone knows McDonalds and that gave me a lot of National attention.

Myron Grace: I saw you was a Noxzema Girl and tell us about that?

Erica Hubbard: Well a lot of people don’t know this about me, but I was a Ford Model in Chicago for years and years, I booked the Noxzema Account and I was so grateful for that. It’s important to for African American girls not to limit themselves and know that they can do comedy and drama, modeling, acting, commercials and not be limited. You can be successful in many different areas.

Myron Grace: What actors/actresses inspired you and why?

Erica Hubbard: My number one actress that inspired me is Angela Bassett. She is a phenomenal actress that has inspired me in so many different ways to do what I’m doing. I had the opportunity to work with her on “Akeelah and the Bee”. I would love the opportunity to work with her again.

Myron Grace: Tell us about the project “Akeelah and the Bee”?

Erica Hubbard: Me as a person it was about believing in yourself. In the entire movie it was about Akeela challenging herself. I kept looking at her doing all the scenes pursuing her dream, knowing that if you put in your work your dreams will come true. As an actress the movie help me work with Thespians like Lawrence Fishburne at his best and Angela Bassett that inspired me as an actress. When you’re in front of icons and Thespians like that you learn so much.

Myron Grace: Tell us about the NAACP image awards?

Erica Hubbard: There are two things to this story. First I was nominated for a stage play “What would Jesus do” and I was so happy for that. Then also the show Lincoln Heights I was on for four years, we won the outstanding drama series When people start seeing what you’re doing in your community and giving you accolades, that makes you feel so much better for the work you have put in.

Myron Grace: I think that many people recognize you as the daughter from “Lincoln Heights” is that the role you played?

Erica Hubbard: Yes, I played Cassie Sutton from “Lincoln Heights”, Yeh a lot of people recognize me. The show played on ABC Family, TV One, and the show is also on Netflix and a lot of people still watching.

Myron Grace: Tell us about your new show?

Erica Hubbard: Okay. The new show that I’m on now is “Let’s Stay Together” and it’s on BET. It is produced by two talented ladies Becky Kohler and Queen Latifah. Were in our third year, and I’m just happy to bring Kita Whitmore to life.

Myron Grace: Tell us about your personality? Does Kita Whitmore reflect your personality?

Erica Hubbard: Kita Whitmore is a lot of me and I’m a lot of her at times. She reflects 50% of my personality like to be a free spirited person looking for live and looking for love. She went from being a working at the BMV, from being a waitress, then a cop. I will try anything just to find happiness.

Myron Grace: You have become an A-lists actress; tell us about what it’s like to have that impact on your profession as a woman and a young actress?

Erica Hubbard: Thank you first and foremost. Um I just like to keep myself humble in the industry. You work with so many people you say are they genuine or do they have egos. You kind of look at these individuals and say whatever they are they are. But as far as me I want to keep myself grounded around people that have my best interest. I just want to be genuine and true at all times. If I look at myself like that and I make an impact on somebody else. I want them to be able to say I learned how to be a sincere person because every time I hear her speak she sincere and humble. I want to be grateful for every opportunity. If I just walk around like that then I did my job on earth.

Myron Grace: What can you tell someone to keep them motivated to do acting?

Erica Hubbard: Um what would I say to someone to keep them motivated to pursue acting? Stay true to yourself. Far as different roles and with friends. But, it’s so true the fakeness. Then if you want to know who you are then look at your close circle. You guys push each other and motivate each other. If your close circle is positive and motivated then you’re heading in the right direction. Always center yourself around good people in the industry.

Myron Grace: What are some of the projects you’re working on right now, or some of the things you plan on doing as an actress or role model?

Erica Hubbard: I’m kind of strictly doing films that have good messages. I been doing a lot of stage plays and films but they have good messages. I want to encourage people whatever character I choose to portray has a good message. Even with Kita Whitmore on BET on Tuesdays she’s a good spirited person. I’m still continuing doing “Let’s Stay Together” Were not finished filming were in our third season. You can watch “Let’s Stay Together” every Tuesday on BET following “The Game”. Also working some films I’m working on. One of the films is “Black Coffee No Cream No Sugar” starring Lamman Rucker and Darrin Dewitt Henson and some other talented cast.

Myron Grace: How do you keep yourself so grounded?

Erica Hubbard: Far as keeping myself grounded. I pray a lot. A pray lot. That’s all I can say.

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Re: Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal" (Article Interview)

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thanks for sharing the interview batman642! love our erica!

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Re: Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal" (Article Interview)

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Thanks batman,very nice interview

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Re: Actress Erica Hubbard "Close and Personal" (Article Interview)

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