Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

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Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

Post by batman642 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:46 am

Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, FemininePosted on Jul 2, 2012 in Fly, Fierce, Feminine, MAGAZINE | 0 comments
by Monique Thomas

Do you watch BET’s Let’s Stay Together? It is the network’s other popular dramedy. It is about to enter its third season and the show centers around young black professionals who work to balance their work and marriage. We had an opportunity to speak with one of the show’s main characters, Erica Hubbard, and she spills the tea on the network, Hollywood relationships and being FFF (Fly, Fierce, Feminine).

CC: BET comes under a lot of scrutiny for its programming involving African-Americans. How do you feel about the overall production, writing and cast for Let’s Stay Together? What has been the overall viewers’ response?

Erica Hubbard: The overall production of Let’s Stay Together I feel meets very high standards and fills the void for television shows in our community that have a relationship – based storyline. I know that when our viewers turn on BET’s Let’s Stay Together they can clearly relate to the topics discussed, which immediately translates into our audience connecting with us. This connection appeals to the audience creating a sense of joy because they are seeing our identities represented onscreen in positive, fun-loving, coming of age storylines. I am extremely happy that BET is finally doing original programming. I am even more estatic that Let’s Stay Together goes down in history as their first original program! Every time I look at my Facebook or Twitter messages I know I am doing very well when I hear all the great feedback from fans about how much they love “Kita Whitmore”[character].

CC: What makes the show intriguing to watch?

Cast of BET's "Let's Stay Together"
Erica: Let’s Stay Together is intriguing to watch because you have a modern-day “Friends” television series for our community which highlights the importance of family. We have six main characters on the show and you get to witness, understand, and relate to the trials and tribulations that the characters experience at their jobs, in their relationships, their intimate home life and also their personal social lives. It’s the infectious humor of the show that keeps the viewing audience wondering what is going happen each week we air. I am very happy to work with Jacque Edmonds Cofer and Queen Latifah for the third season, which starts airing January 2013.

CC: Now let’s get to know Erica. Where did you grow up, who were your early influences and when did you realize you wanted to act?

Erica: I grew up in Chicago and I started acting at the age of nine. I started my acting career doing commercials, voice-overs, modeling and theater. In my teens I started doing TV and film work in Chicago and after I graduated from high school I went to Columbia College for my Bachelor’s Degree. I realized that I wanted to pursue acting as a professional occupation during my college years training onstage with Sheldon Patinkin (from The Second City and Steppenwold Theatre).

CC: What would you consider to be your toughest challenge in Hollywood?

Erica: My toughest challenge in Hollywood is being away from my family who all reside in Chicago. When I’m not working I spend a great deal of time flying back and forth between Chicago and LA to spend time with my family. You wouldn’t believe how much sky mileage I have accumulated from flying all year!

CC: What do you think is the number one “unspoken” asset to have to make it in this industry?

Erica: The number one “unspoken” asset to make it in the entertainment industry is always keeping yourself busy working. If I am not on set filming a TV series or a film I am creating my own work. You can always wait for someone to hire you, but you can also hire yourself! This year, I signed on as a producer on the film, , starring Nicole Beharie and Lance Gross which was written and directed by Matthew Cherry. It’s a brilliant story and just received a distribution deal with Image Entertainment.

CC: Who are your celebrity friends?

Erica: My celebrity friends- I won’t mention them personally but I will say I love the fact I am blessed to be around extremely talented thespians who are series regulars and also film stars. The one person I know in the industry whose work I really enjoy is an actor named Edi Gathegi [from the Twilight movies]. I have watched many of his performances on TV, in films and on stage and I like to model my performances after the level of dedication and versatility he embodies in each of his roles.

CC: Who do you most admire in entertainment?

Erica: I admire a lot of talented people in the industry: Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Tilda Swinton, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne….

CC: Are you single, dating, married or is it “complicated”?

Erica: My relationship life is complicated at the moment.

CC: Other than acting, what other talent(s) could you make a living doing?

Erica: Other than acting I could make a living being an anchor woman/reporter. Actually, I graduated from college having taken numerous classes not only in acting, but in broadcast journalism as well. Moreover, I recently penned a children’s book series that I am extremely proud of. You can learn more about it at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

CC: What other projects do you have in the works?

Erica: I have a film coming out fall 2012 called Forbidden Woman. In this movie I portray the dynamic role of Vanessa Young who is an infidel. I chose the role of Vanessa because I always like to challenge myself and portray many different life styles. I had a great time portraying Vanessa who embodies all these different emotions in her personality. The film also stars, Keith Robinson, Jackee’ Harry, and many other talents .

CC: Please describe what it means to be Fly, Fierce, and Feminine.

Erica: As an individual you are fierce when you carry confidence with you, but it should always be coupled with humility. Being feminine as a woman means to walk with a lot of grace and demand your respect with love. Being fly means relating to everyone and understanding a lot of different styles, cultures and being a genunine, down-to-earth person who sincerely cares about every human spirit.

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Re: Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

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Re: Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

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yes, nice. thanks batman642. im sorry to hear that her relationship status is "complicated". i want erica to be happy!! anything complicated cant bring true happiness. Evil or Very Mad

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Re: Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

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hmmm...complicated...what's that about...not liking the sound of that

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Re: Erica Hubbard Talks BET and Being Fly, Fierce, Feminine

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