ERICA Hubbard – The DOPE MAG Interview

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ERICA Hubbard – The DOPE MAG Interview

Post by batman642 on Fri May 11, 2012 8:47 pm

New Erica Hubbard Interview

Executive Editor ToneSwep discusses the sound of Love, 3 meaningful ways to insure a Relationship works, and “Kid-Dyno-Mite” with “Let’s Stay Together” Star Erica Hubbard
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(ToneSwep: TS) Miss Hubbard. How are you, young lady? Appreciate your time on a busy Friday.

(Erica Hubbard: Erica) Hey, Tone. How are you doing? I couldn’t be much happier than I am right now. I am very happy with life.

(TS) Kita is back! ‘Bout time. We fans knew “Let’s Stay Together” wasn’t going to work without Kita, your character. How is it being back on the show? And congratulations by the way.

(Erica) Thank you, I appreciate that. I got a phone call and was happy to get back on the show. I really, really like this season. The storyline is very strong. They are giving Kita a lot more to do. I have a love interest this season, and I go on a date. I have a job so you get to see me at work. Much busier than just “hi and bye” you know. This is going to be a great season.

(TS) In each of your roles, from “Lincoln Heights”, “CSI: Miami”, and “Let’s Stay Together” on television, to “Light It Up”, “Save the Last Dance”, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Akeelah and the Bee” on the big screen, you don’t simply get into character, You become the character; true character actress. What is your process?

(Erica) Well, I went to theatre school at Columbia College in Chicago. And I remember one day our theatre director screaming at me about character development. Character development! He was really driving that point home. He said, an actor can dress the part, know the part, look the part, but you have to become the part. And his words truly resonate in my head each time I step on stage or in front of the camera. And it’s weird that you raise that point, Tone, because people approach me and say ‘I didn’t know you played that character. Or that role.’ In fact, I just got a tweet from a “Lincoln Heights” fan the other day. They remember the character I played.

(TS) What is the optimum big screen role for you and when is that going to happen?

(Erica) I’m getting ready to do a love story. Has sort of a “Love Jones” feel to it. We haven’t had a classic love story in a long time. We will be filming in Chicago this summer. A true love story, so get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride.

(TS) Is there a type of role you simply will not play?

(Erica) (Considers)… No, I think as an actress you should push yourself; challenge yourself. But also stay within your personal limits, interests.

Erica Hubbard

(TS) Ok, this next question is extremely controversial.

(Erica) uh oh (deep breath)… I’m ready.

(TS) Good Times or the Cosby Show? Which show, to you, is the best?

(Erica) That one is controversial. (takes a moment)… I’m going with Good Times because it takes place in Chicago (Laughs!)

(TS) Aw, man. You’re biased sis (Laughs!).

(Erica) Chicago, that’s home for me, so Good Times represented a real environment where I was from…. And yes, I’m biased. Big ups to Chicago! (Laughs hilariously).

(TS) Who is your favorite Good Times character?

(Erica) JJ, hands down. He just took that one line “Kid-Dyno-Mite!” and made it a household name. He made that phrase a popular part of our culture. Very similar to how Arnold did with “What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?”. You know, and you wanted to see JJ every episode. You looked forward to his 1-liners and outrageousness.

(TS) At the risk of merging stereotypes and harsh generalizations, what is one core quality every Chi-Town girl possesses?

(Erica) Let me speak for myself coming from the Southside. I would say hustle. A go-Getter mentality.

(TS) What is your favorite sound? Why?

(Erica) A scream. A screaming shriek of joy, like when someone is surprised from hearing good news or from receiving an unexpected gift.

(TS) What does Love sound like? What sound does Love make?

(Erica) ooooohhhh, that… emmmmmm (smiles, laughs to self)… Love sounds like the ocean waves, and… Love makes the sound of a soft whisper. Love whispers to you.

(TS) In relationships, whether personal or professional, what are three main ingredients necessary to ensure the relationship works?

(Erica) First and foremost, honesty. We have to be honest with each other. Secondly, personality. You have to have a sense of humor and something unique about you. And then also the person must be committed. So, commitment. If you aren’t dedicated to the relationship it won’t work.

(TS) Personally, I like a woman who knows who she is. Knows where she comes from. And knows where she is going? That sound like Erica Hubbard?

(Erica) Yes. Yes. and Yes! All three!

(TS) Of the three, which would you say most people are confused about?

(Erica) I think a lot of people don’t know where they are headed. They have self-doubt. If you’re not walking in confidence, you might as well sit at home on your couch. Walking in fear won’t get you where you want to go. Me on the other hand?!? Even if I don’t have an audition today, I will bump into a producer somewhere and I will have a new job by the end of the day. I’m confident of that.

(TS) I don’t see a ring on that finger. If I proposed today, what three qualities would I need to possess to get my yes?

(Erica) Wooooh! (Sensual laugh)… Be confident but not cocky. And… (‘Woooohing’ some more)… Have job security. And also be a gentleman and know how to treat a lady. Think of me before thinking of yourself.

(TS) Marissa Alexander. Stay Your Ground. Without getting too deep into the politics of this, Erica, why is this injustice hitting home with so many people, and particularly women of color?

(Erica) Because either we’ve been through it. Or we know someone who has and can relate to Marissa Alexander’s circumstance. That is why this is hitting home with so many African-American women, and also men. One of my close friends was murdered due to domestic violence, and so this occurrence with Marissa Alexander reminds me of that friend.

(TS) We hear so much bad news on a daily basis. Crime. Unemployment. Incurable diseases such as AIDS, Cancer, and Lupus. What good news do you remind yourself of on a daily basis? When you walk out of your home and begin your day, what great news do you carry with you?

(Erica) I’m a very spiritual person, so I feel like I can do anything through Christ; all things through Christ. With God on my side I can walk anywhere, do anything.

(TS) What advice do you have for young, aspiring actresses who look up to you? Particularly, those who want to become strong character actresses.

(Erica) If you can do theatre, do it. Because if you can get on stage and have a strong presence in front of a live audience, you can definitely step in front of a camera. And also stay humble. I meet so many people here in LA, and if I wrote a book, you would be like “What? That person said what?!?!” So, my advice is to act like every job is your last. Take it seriously. Don’t take it for granted.

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Re: ERICA Hubbard – The DOPE MAG Interview

Post by Candygwen on Sat May 12, 2012 11:31 pm

thanks batman642, that was another great interview.

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